Breakfast at Jo-Hannah’s in Lowdham

I love visiting Jo-Hannah’s Cafe & Bistro in Lowdham, they are very welcoming and greet you like an old friend even if it’s your first time.

It also helps that they serve some decent home cooked food to fill you up as well.

I first visited in 2017 when I had a very restrained and slightly elegant plate of Eggs Benedict for just £4.99! (read more here)

Since then we have called in many times to get a Scone, slice of cake, and Sandwiches to take away but I had never actually had one of their famous breakfasts!

So today’s visit was all about breakfast


Looking at the breakfast section of the menu and by that I mean the proper breakfasts aka All Day Breakfast there were two options that I was interested in,

The first was the Full English for £7.15 made up of ’ Bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, mushrooms, baked beans, tomatoes and a slice of toast.’

The second being the Full Monty for £9.55 which was supposed to be ’double’ the Full English plus a slice of black pudding .

You know how I roll and you know that I would be getting the Full Monty. For balance my dining companion was getting the Full English


The Full Monty was rather large, in all honesty I might admit that it is too much food for one man, but I don’t want to so I will just leave that thought there and move swiftly onwards.

The highlights on this plate were the sausages, the hash browns, and the black pudding. The flavour of the sausage was excellent, lightly herby and very porky. I loved the texture of the meat and I liked the well crisped casing.

The black pudding was soft, slightly creamy and had good earthy notes. The hash browns were really well cooked with a good crispy outer layer.

I wasn’t totally sold on the bacon, it did taste nice but had too much un-rendered fat for my liking. The eggs were a good effort with a properly set white and a runny yolk

There were a lot of mushrooms which I also enjoyed and a portion of thickly sauced beans

The only downside was that I really don’t like tinned tomatoes and if I had known I would have asked not to have any.

The Full Monty was as expected very large, not to mention that it also came with toast, two slices of and it was too much food!

But I still ate it all! 🙂


The Full English was a much more restrained effort and much more manageable. As with the Full Monty the star on the plate was the sausage which for some reason employed as a breakwater between the beans and tinned tomatoes. The egg was left to fend for itself on this plate.

Breakfast wise there is very little to complain about here both portion wise and cooking wise. There are a few things I personally would like different, crispier bacon and sliced grilled tomato would suit me better. You get what you get though this isn’t a hotel!

Volume wise I would like a plate of food sized somewhere between the two but I definitely would eat my Full Monty again and would be happy with the Full English if offered 🙂

It was good to get back to Jo-Hannah’s Cafe and Bistro and I enjoyed sitting out in the courtyard scoffing my breakfast and having a banter with the owner.

It is a great location and it was good to see so many people coming in to eat and have a natter.

They are located at 25 Main Street, Lowdham, NG14 7AB on a quite busy street, top tip for parking is to use the free car park at the Village Hall as it can be tricky to get a spot outside the cafe.

Social’s wise you can check out Jo-hannah’s Cafe on their Facebook Page

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  1. Tricky choice – whether to go for the healthy slimline Full English or the rather larger option with black pudding. Did that sound convincing? Though it’s a Moot point if it is a Full English without black pudding . . .

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