Sunday Lunch at the Sun Inn in Gotham

The Sun Inn in Gotham is a pub very dear to my heart, it was here that my Father bought me my first legal pint and I bought him his last ever pint before he passed away.

Located next to the church, it is one of three remaining pubs in the village the others being the Cuckoo Bush over the road and the Star Inn at the other end of the village.

In my youth we also had the Windmill Inn and the British Legion, both sadly now housing developments

Over the years I have supped many a pint in the Sun Inn, played darts badly, enjoyed a game of dominoes with the locals (when I was one) and I even pulled a few pints behind the bar in my younger days.

These days I rarely come here for a pint, perhaps once a year (if that) but today we were here checking out the Sunday Lunch after a long bimble around the footpaths in and around the village


The Sunday Lunch menu was offering a choice of Roast Topside of Beef, Roast Gammon, and a Roast Chicken Breast or you could have the Meat Medley plate with all three meats (Beef, Gammon & Chicken).

Prices seemed very reasonable with the Beef set at £9.95, the Gammon & Chicken only £8.95, a plate of all three was just £11.95 which sounded an absolute bargain for a Roast Dinner in this day and age.

If you were feeling really flush you could have splashed out on the Lamb Shank for £12.95 but even though we were sitting in the best room instead of the bar I didn’t feel the need to be that flash with the cash.


The Roast Topside of Beef looked very neat when it arrived at the table with everything stacked up in the middle and the Yorkshire pudding up on top like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree

There were three decent slices of beef to go with a huge pile of vegetables. More about all the trimmings when we take a look at the Meat Medley Roast that I had ordered


The Meat Medley was essentially the same except as the Roast Beef except that you had the three different meats.

I think that you got a bit more on the plate with a big slice of gammon and a small slab of chicken breast but of course I was probably just imagining that.

There was just the one slice of the beef as you may well have guessed and been expecting

The menu had said that ‘All Roasts are served with stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetable & Gravy

It didn’t say just how many of those vegetables there were going to be piled on the plate

Once I had rearranged the stack I could see what I was getting a lot better! As well as some decent sized slices of meat I found that I had mash and roasties (potato bonus), plus a side dish of Cauliflower cheese!

Vegetable wise there was a lot and a mean a lot of carrot and a fair amount of broccoli to go with the spuds. I don’t want to say too many but there were plenty and it took ages to eat the all 🙂

All in all these was a jolly decent Roast dinner both in quality and in quantity and you really could not complain about the price!

The Sun Inn is an Everards Pub and so as you would expect it serves beer from that brewery. In the old days that meant Beacon, Tiger and Old Original and if you were lucky in the Summer you got the very nice and light Sunchaser Golden Ale.

I was really happy to find that Sunchaser was on the bar even though it was now Autumn as I always enjoyed a pint of that in the past. In the past you had to be lucky to find it as it was a more seasonal offering

I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday Lunch and my pint of Sunchaser. I would have liked to have stayed for a few more but we had paths to walk.

It is one of my original locals and it was strange that it became our favorite pub in the village when we moved here as it was the furthest one from the house. Maybe it was an excuse to take the dog here for a walk and a bag of crisps that meant we stopped off or maybe because it was always welcoming and friendly in the bar.

The Sun Inn is located at 1 The Square, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0HX. There is plenty of parking outside but if you are coming for a few beers you might be better off using the bus and catching the 1 that runs from Nottingham to Loughborough.

You can check the Sun Inn out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile

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  1. This looks magnificent. I’ve been to the other 2 in Gotham but not The Sun but I will rectify this ASAP….great write up

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