Jollibee in Nottingham

Jollibee in Nottingham is just one of the outlets for this Filipino chain that has been opening up across the country over the last year or so.

Whenever they open up there is always a long line of people waiting to try and many have traveled from out of town in search of their favorites.

This particular one is situated just across from the intu Victoria centre on Clumber Street.

The menu is full of words like Yum, Jolly, and Joy which already are the opposite of subliminal messaging almost imploring you to enjoy the food.

So I was hopeful that it was going to be a good day when we paid them a visit. Lets see


I was really excited to try the Jolly Spaghetti even though I knew secretly that it was probably going to be shit. It didn’t help that I had heard it described as ‘kind of like gloop with bits of sausage in’ to a potential punter.

Like almost everyone hitting up Jollibee in town hunting down this particular dish I had been inspired by the late Anthony Bourdain who featured Jollibee on one of his travel shows saying that “the spaghetti is deranged yet strangely alluring”

In the end I kind of liked it but yeh basically it is gloop, it is no more exciting than a can of cheap supermarket spaghetti out of a tin mixed with a basic hot dog sliced up and topped with melted grated cheese.

Would I eat it again? Doubtful at least not in this town. I might give it a go if I ever ventured into a Jollibee in the Philippines on my travels just to eat at the source, but I can’t see that happening


The Fried Chicken has to be good right? I mean it is called Chicken Joy, clearly a name aimed at the diner as opposed to the poor old chicken, unless of course it was related to the Ameglian Major Cow from the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy that was bred to want to be eaten.

The crust on the chicken was crunchy and kind of bready, reasonable flavour and coated well around the moist chicken on the bone.

It was good, not great, but better than most late night fried chicken joints around these parts.

The fries were distinctly forgettable but then to be fair most fast food fries are the same and these were just there to be grabbed on occasional moments to add some variation


The Jollibee Chicken Sandwich was a much more enjoyable bite of food and I would actually consider returning for one of these.

Described on the menu as ‘Crispy chicken breast, lettuce, and garlic mayo on a brioche bun‘ it looked like the picture and it tasted like it was described.

I found the crispy coating to be a lot more enjoyable around the juicy chicken breast than I had on the chickenjoy drumstick.

I think also the garlic mayo added a good bit of moisture to the bite and the crispness of the fresh lettuce also lifted and gave some life to the sandwich


I do love a burger and I find joy even in a basic fast food one so I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at the chance to try one of their Yumburgers!

For the record I tried the Double Yumburger with Cheese which they describe as ‘twice as fun’ apparently.

Now what can I say?

It really wasn’t anything special or much too write home about yet it was strangely comforting to eat.

It had that softness and cheesy meltiness that was somehow rather satisfying.

I don’t want another one enough to pop in for one in the same way that I happily grab a cheeseburger or two from McDonalds on the way home from the pub.

If push came to shove and you laid a trayful down in front of me? well I would be happy enough to munch my way through a few.

I kind of enjoyed checking Jollibee out, not sure it will be on my list of go outlets to get my fix of fast food when I am in the need.

I am glad I tried them and they certainly make the effort with the marketing and the ‘jolliness’ of the brand.

I don’t want to sway you either way so try them for yourselves I reckon its that kind of place you will love it or not, yeh or meh.

I am falling off the fence but not sure quite which side I am landing on yet.

Jollibee in Nottingham is located at 46/48 Clumber Street, NG1 3GD.

It is also available on Uber Eats sometimes if you were so inclined to get a delivery instead of coming in to town to try them out

You can check them out on their Instagram profile, and on their Facebook Page

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