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Slice N Brew purveyors of some pretty peng pizza have recently opened the doors on their brand spanking new restaurant on Kings Walk by the Cornerhouse.

They are not unknown to the Nottingham Food Scene having had many successful pop-ups most recently at Junkyard on a Tuesday evening and previously at Neon Raptor and Black Iris to name a few

I first met up with them at Hockley Kitchen one evening back in July 2021 when I was so blown away with their pizza I was drawn into writing some rather ebullient praise stating that “There are taste moments that I remember for ever and this is most certainly one of them

This is a bold move yet a really exciting one for Pizza lovers in Nottingham as they really are serving some fabulous discs of pizza pie and it is great that more people can now get their hands on a slice or two


I waded straight in ordering the Beef, Pork & Nduja Ragu which sounded like the meatiest pizza available. Well it actually sounded like some sort of Italian dish perhaps with pasta but as it did say pizza I figured it was just another of their really cleverly thought out topping combinations.

As well at the meat elements this one was topped with β€˜San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, Cavelo Nero, Bechemal, Parmesan-Regianno, and Parsley’

It was another bloody lovely flavour combination. Now it may sound simplistic but I reckon that the best way to describe it was like a really good tasting lasagna on top of the most perfectly charred pizza crust

While the toppings are excellent the crust is an equal partner in this marriage of pizza flavour. Some pizza you leave the crusty burnt bits bit here at Slice N Brew you would be a fool to dismiss them.

The char adds a fantastic smokey charcoal taste and smell to the crust where it has caught in the oven. Just like a good bit of BBQ meat it enhances the whole experience

I did share this pizza as I just wanted to check the place out before I got all serious and started working my way through the menu. I regret that now and feel we should have ordered several even if that was overdoing it. I could always slip into my comfortable tracky bottoms if the waist expanded a little πŸ™‚


I was happy to see some old favorites from the Junk Yard pop up on the menu including this one topped with Artichoke and Kalamata olive.

The one pictured here was from that pop-up but as I hadn’t written about those events I figured I would include it here just so that you get an idea of what it might be like.

As vegetarian pizza goes it was rather good topped with Artichoke, Kalamata Olives, San Mariano tomato, red onion, ricotta, preserved lemon salsa verde, Aleppo pepper.

I said at the time that I don’t usually favour the vegetarian options but these guys work magic on the pizza so happy to try any combination they put out.


The menu at Slice N Brew is looking pretty good and I can see plenty there to tempt me back in through the doors when I am in the mood for some pizza action

Next up it has to the the Detroit Style Red Stripe topped with ‘marinara sauce, cheese blend, scotch bonnet honey, wild oregano, and pecorino’ with the option to add a whole burrata and / or some cobble lane pepperoni.

That’s all for another day though!

You can find Slice N Brew at 10 Kings Walk in Nottingham NG1 2AE. It is just off Trinity Square and opposite the Corner House.

Check them out also on their Instagram profile and website

You can read my original thoughts on The Nottingham Food blog here as well

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  1. They all look rather good. πŸ™‚

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      They all were very tasty

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