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slice ‘n’ brew were in Hockley this week with a pop-up restaurant at Hockley kitchen on Broad Street. I have been following them for a while on instagram and had greatly admired the photos of their pizza that had been shared.

So when I saw them drop a story that there was a pop-up event and to DM to book for a table I was all over that like dropping my deets to secure a spot. This was probably the best impulsive decision that I have made all year.

In case all you do is read this far then look at the pictures a short Spoiler alert to tell you now these pizzas were one of the most fabulous and flavourful things I have eaten all year.

There are taste moments that I remember for ever and this is most certainly one of them.


The first pizza that we tried from slice ‘n’ brew was the Nduja and Fennel sausage one officially described on the menu as “nduja, fennel sausage & hispi cabbage – bloody mary vodka sauce, mozzeralla, parmesan, basil”

The pizza crust and base was amazing, soft and chewy yet also crisp with lovely char where it had bubbled up in the hot oven. Sometimes you just eat the bits with the toppings and leave the boring crust, but with these pizzas I was eating every single goddam bit!

What I loved the most about this pizza was that first bite when the ‘bloody mary vodka sauce’ hit my taste buds. It was like ‘Hello! what’s happening here?’

I had not really read the menu properly when I pre-ordered so was expecting that classic tomato style saucing, so it was kind of joyous to get that taste filled surprise. A sauce like this totally changed the game

I really enjoyed the mixture of the soft spicy Nduja which almost was melted into the sauce and the aromatic fennel from the sausage meat. It reminded me of the base flavor from one of my all time favorite pizza the Meat Sweats from Oscar and Rosies.

This pizza from Slice ‘n’ Brew though is certainly out on a different level once you combine all the other great things going on in each slice! 🙂

I would most certainly order this pizza again!


The second pizza that we ate from slice ‘n’ brew was the Harissa Braised Lamb pizza described on the menu as “harissa braised lamb – san marzano sauce, aged feta, sumac pickled onion, greek yoghurt, zaatar, parsley’

Last month I saw a picture of this pizza on their instagram feed where they posted it saying “Basically a kebab innit?” I have to say that if they know somewhere that serves kebabs that taste as fantastic as this? I need to know where those kebabs are! 🙂

This pizza was truly awesome, I have never had these combinations before on a pizza and I am not even sure that I have encountered such a harmonious blend of flavours either.

Like all great dishes which are never one note, you get layer upon layer of flavour sensations each scrambling and vying for your attention before building up into a crescendo as your taste buds just explode sending pulses of joy to the parts of your brain that make one incredibly happy!

If you choose to seek out one pizza combination to eat this year I would implore you to track down and eat this one.


I have seen quite a few different pizza combinations offered up by slice ‘n’ brew on their Instagram profile and they all look good.

Tonight we picked out the meat based ones but looking at the ones served to the people sitting around us on the tables outside Hockely Kitchen I would have been happy with any that I saw.

The one that I feel I did miss out on was the ‘carbonara’ with ‘bechamel, prosciutto, white truffle oil, egg yolk and pecorino romano’. Someone at the next table was eating one and it looked pretty amazing as well. I am a total sucker for an egg yolk on a pizza and was a bit sad that we could not eat 3 pizzas 🙂


slice ‘n’ brew have been popping up all over the place in Nottingham over the last few months at places like Hockley Kitchen in Town, Albies in Carlton, and in Sherwood where the next pop up will be.

To check them out, look at amazing pictures of pizza and to find out where they are going to be check out their instagram profile slice_n_brew


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  1. “Can’t eat three pizzas” – I am so tempted to cite your waistline as evidence that you can, then I had a look at mine . . .

    I will maintain a tactful silence. 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      The written word was challenging me

      1. They do look extremely good. 🙂

  2. Alex Ryder says:

    Those pizzas look incredible, I love the sound of the nduja and fennel. Knew I shouldn’t have moved to Bristol!!

  3. Greg Adams says:

    Remind me never to read food reviews too early in the morning. I’ll be sure to visit Slice n Brew early August when they are next serving. These look fantastic.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I know makes you hungry too soon! Really very tasty pizza well worth trying

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