Nissi Gourmet Burgers: The Double Smash and fries

Nissi Gourmet Burgers recently opened up their own takeaway outlet on Wollaton Street in Nottingham to much fanfare. Locally popular amongst many you may have already tasted their fare from their regular pop-up location at the Inn for a Penny pub in Carlton.

I fancied a taste of what they had to offer so ordered a burger for lunch from the new shop via one of the usual delivery services. I was hopeful that the burger would arrive intact and that the journey would not diminish its joys.


Now I do favour the ‘smash’ style of burgers so I ordered the one called “Double Smash” thinking that the clue was in the name and I was going to be getting double the smash burger love.

The menu online describes the Double Smash as being “Two smashed beef burgers topped with American & Cheddar cheese – includes mayonnaise and ketchup. Served with fries

Ok so first impressions were quite favourable, once unwrapped the burger looked good and was intact.

The burger patties were a little thicker than expected for a smash burger but the meat had decent flavour, a reasonable char, and a good crumbly texture.

I liked that there was a cheese layer in between each burger patty as well

The white bun was solid and was holding those two burger patties and contents without any problem. No danger of this burger sandwich falling apart in my hands.

The ketchup and mayo mixed with the molten cheese was a perfect combination hitting all the correct notes within this classic flavour profile.

I found this a most enjoyable burger to eat, it had the right balance of meat to bread to cheese ratio, good condiments and was a nice solid bite with every mouthful.


I was less keen on the fries than I was on the burger although you did get a plentiful supply of them with your order. I would be more interested in trying the loaded fries than I would be in just having the plain ones if I ordered again.

All in all though this burger bite was good enough to make me curious enough to check them out on foot to see if the burger straight from the grill into my hands was as good or even better.

They have a lot of tasty sounding combinations such as the N-19 topped with american cheese, crispy bacon, fried onions and Nissi sauce and The Ruby topped with Nissi pizza sauce, melted mozzeralla, red leicester cheese and grilled tomato. But if I come again I would probably stay classic


Nissi Gourmet Burger is located at 139 Wollaton Street in Nottingham, NG1 5GE

You can check them out on their Facebook page, their Instagram profile and their Twitter Feed

Orders available on the likes of Deliveroo, Just-Eats, and Uber Eats

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