American Gourmet Toasties: Really Tasty Grilled Cheese Combos

American Gourmet Toasties on Wollaton Street in Nottingham and available on Delivery are serving up some pretty tasty Grilled Cheese Toasties.

I do love a proper grilled cheese so I ordered a couple this week to test them out, unsurprising getting one with hamburger meat in it called the Bacon Burger Grilled Cheese for £6.25 and one called the K-Grill which had hot dogs in it for £5.75.

Would you have expected anything less from me based on the blog?


The K-Grill is a toastie filled with ‘Grilled hotdog, melted cheddar cheese, fried onions & ketchup’.

It is the sort of sandwich that sounds wrong yet oh so right. As soon as you read the description, you know you will love it, but you also know that you may just feel a little shame afterwards.

In reality it is like korean hot dog meets the fairground burger van. The actual hot dog surprised me as I was just expecting some dirty cheap hot water sausage but it was actually a very decent hot dog with lots of chew and firm and robust meatiness.

Everything else was just as I had hoped, sweet grilled onions mixed with almost too much ketchup, a mixture that you can smell a mile away and that you cannot shift from your fingers for days after eating.

Perfect grilled cheese filled with hot dog slices and fried onions plus ketchup! what is there not to like? 🙂


The Bacon Burger Grilled Cheese Sandwich ate like a Patty Melt, the classic burger sandwich from the states.

Filled with ‘Crumbled burger meat, bacon, American cheese, mayo & mustard’ it was a dream to eat and a bit of a mustard flavour bomb.

Texture, Tang and Taste this combo has it all.

I loved the crumbled up chunks of burger meat mixed into the gooey melty cheese, while pops of yellow american mustard shout at you from the roof tops in an attempt to take over the whole show.

The mayo does soften the experience where it is allowed to speak, as it struggles to shine through the yellow mustard blanket

There is a lot of bacon as well that is layered throughout the whole sandwich and while I appreciated its presence you probably did not need it, the burger bits were enough for me.

Having said that it added some saltiness and a different texture to each bite so who am I to discount it’s charms within the stack.

A note of caution if you do not like yellow mustard you will probably not like or appreciate this sandwich, yet I still urge you to throw caution to the wind and order one anyway 🙂


In the meal deal you get a very generous portion of chips and it only costs another £1.50 which is a lot cheaper than many places offer a side for.

Personally I don’t like these types of chips so on another occasion I probably would not order any as they are just a distraction from the main event.


Apart from the Classic ‘Ultimate Grilled Cheese’ which is really just cheese, the rest of the menu has a load of more interesting combinations to check out.

I had picked out the ones that I knew would float my boat, but in addition to those two I do have my eyes on the ‘Nashville Hot Chicken’ and the ‘NY Club‘ just because they are classic sandwiches in their own rights and I am curious to see what a toasted grilled cheese version might be like

American Gourmet Toasties are based at 139 Wollaton Street in Nottingham , NG1 5GE and are available on delivery and for click and collect.

It seems that they are trading from the same location as Nissi Gourmet Burgers (featured previously on the blog read more here) so either they are the same people or they are sharing the kitchen. Either way the main message here is that the sandwiches are really good

Check them out also on their Instagram profile

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    Shocking money grabbing the 2 for 1 deals made it worth while this is now a massive rip off

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