BRRGRR Handmade Burgers in Hyson Green

BRRGRR recently opened in Hyson Green selling Handmade burgers of the smash variety. At first sight you may think that their name is a grunted expression of coldness followed by anger but apparently not it is just how you say burger 🙂

The menu here does not contain beef, it is lamb burgers and chicken burgers all the way with a couple of fish options added on. Sounds good to me as I do quite like a lamb burger and the suggestion of a smash style lamb burger sounded pretty interesting


I had ordered The New York Special which was described as a ‘Smashed Lamb Patty topped with salad, extra cheese, gherkins, onion rings, grilled mushrooms, finished off with our BRRGRRCO Special Sauce’ for £5.99

I was quite surprised just how juicy and well flavoured the lamb was, there seemed to be two thin smashed patties in my burger, and it was all quite crumbly, charred, and had a nice texture as you bit in

I enjoyed the grilled onions that unexpectedly appeared in my burger and the grilled mushrooms hidden away under the top bun were nice and juicy

I liked the molten cheese and the quite spicy BRRGRRCO special sauce which added a little extra something to the party


Normally I would have shied away from any burger containing an onion ring, but the rest of the stuff sounded good and as it happens I didn’t really notice them apart from a bit of extra bulk under the bun.

I almost just pulled them out to eat as a side but I restrained myself and left them in and it was all good.

It might not have been the prettiest of burgers but it was a very enjoyable eating experience, they had got the balance right by not over-stuffing the bun and the ratio of meat to filling was just right


I had my New York Special as part of a Combo which was an extra £2.50 for fries and a drink, which I thought was a pretty decent offer

I can’t let the fact that the meal came on a board pass without comment, I thought those days had passed and added to the fact that my fries came in a small wire basket I was in comedy turmoil

The Fries are more like Chips really but I did not mind that at all, I actually prefer them this way with more potato inside to enjoy as opposed to thin skinny fries. I could have done with a bit more sauce or some sauce to dip them in. However I was here for the burger not the side show.


For the record we also had the basic Lamb burger which they call ‘Mary’s Lamb‘ for £5.49. This is a ‘Smashed lamb patty with cheddar cheese topped with salad and ketchup or mayo‘. (mayo selected)

This was described on the menu as ‘A simple classic!’ and that was exactly what it was. A normal burger done properly with no frills and just simple cheese topping with salad.

As well as the lamb burgers, you can also get a load of chicken sandwiches and vegan options too. The Chicken burgers looked good I saw a couple on the table next to me and could easily be tempted

BRRGRR might be a little out of the way from town, but it is not far from the Park and Ride tram stop at the Forest Recreation ground and just down the road from the Hyson Green Market Stop.

I reckon it is well worth checking out if you fancy a smashed lamb burger at a decent price.

BRRGRR is located at 120 Radford Road in Hyson Green, Nottingham NG7 5FW and you can check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram profile

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