Noodles and Dumpling at NOSH in Beeston

NOSH in Beeston really is one of those hidden places that you need to track down, the word gem is overused so I will not but I will say that if you like authentic chinese food and you want to eat some good stuff off the beaten track then head over to Beeston and try this place out

Tucked away down a small alley off the pedestrianized section of the High Road you can just see the restaurant through the door way, when the door is open anyway. If you see the sign that says ‘closed’ hanging in the window don’t give up, still venture down to check. I have a few times and they are open just forget to flip the sign over 🙂

I have written about this place before back in 2018 (read more here) when I came in looking for Noodle soup and dumplings. More often than not that is always what I am looking for and today will be no exception so I make no apology for repeating myself.


Today I was switching it up a little bit as I chose a bowl of the Hand Made Noodles with Chicken. I usually do get the Beef Brisket and one of us did, today though not I.

This is a quite lightly flavoured broth, one that does develop a little stronger as you slurp you way down the bowl. The downside to this dish for me is that the chicken they add is too nice, I prefer the ragged stuff on the bone and the darker meat, but to be fair the sliced breast meat I got here was a lot easier to eat.

The star is supposed to be the noodles anyway and of course they are the champions of the bowl. You get plenty of them and they have a nice texture, soft with a little bite and easy to suck up from the chopsticks after you have grabbed them.

The soup itself also contains bamboo shoots, chinese mushroom, chopped scallion (spring onion), coriander leaf and some soft celery.

It is the perfect bowl for a cold day and light enough that you leave feeling satisfied but not over bloated.


Even though I just ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup I do have to say that the thing to order here is the Beef Brisket Soup. My dining companion had a bowlful of that and to say I was a little jealous would be the understatement of the day.

It is just as always essentially a bowl of really good hand made noodles with the contents of a really fantastic beef casserole tipped in and on top. OK so yes it is a lot more that just that, but in essence that is just how it feels each time I order and eat this dish.

I wrote a lot more detail when I last blogged about them so I will let you read that here instead of repeating myself lol


Shortly before this visit we were in just for a small snack, well that was the plan when we ordered a plate of Pork dumplings. I had forgotten that you get a dozen of them and that they are really quite large.

The first time I was here I had the pan fried dumplings but I do actually quite like these steamed dumplings a little more. The casing is nice and soft and the pork inside tender and well flavoured with a little chinese vegetable. Each time you bite in a little meat juice pops out adding to the fun.


If you don’t have room for dumplings and noodles then I suggest that you take advantage of one of their smaller bowls of soup. I personally favour the Hot and Sour Soup which is my default go to Chinese soup option.

They do a particularly nice one here at NOSH that it packed out with fillings, is hot in spice and in temperature and also slightly gloopy in a good way.

I always wonder if these places just buy this soup in wholesale as often it seems the same everywhere. I like to think that at NOSH they make their own as it does seem a lot better than many places around town.

There really is a lot to love about NOSH and the food that they serve. Everytime I have been the place is packed out with Asian families and those of us in the know. This last trip people were almost waiting for a table and we did get the last one as it happens. People come and go though so a steady flow was maintained and everyone seemed to squeeze in.

Looking around at our fellow dining companions on different tables it did seem that almost everyone was eating dumpling and noodle soup, or perhaps those were the only dishes that I had eyes for lol

If you like Noodles then check them out, but everything I have ever seen served also looks delicious and I only ever see smiles and happy faces whenever I have visited!

To find them Nosh is located (down that alley) at 78 High Road in Beeston, NG9 2LF or message me as I love an excuse to go and I’ll come too lol



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