Lunch Special at Spice Cay

Spice Cay “The Home of Caribbean Tapas” on Pelham street offer up a rather decent priced Lunchtime takeout deal of a dish and a side for £6.

I have had my eye on this for a while, but as it’s only available between 12-2 Monday- Friday’s, I needed to come up to try on a day when working from the office mid week


The lunch deal is one main dish with the choices being from CURRY GOAT, BONELESS JERK, BBQ WINGS or the SWEET POTATO and BLACKBEAN CURRY

You also get a side dish, and although the board outside just says RICE N PEAS you could have any of the others like Mac n Cheese, Dumplings or Plantain


We had the GOAT CURRY with RICE N PEAS as I noted up top for just £6! Bargain!

The Curry Goat was excellent, soft tender meat falling off the bone mixed into a thick well flavoured gravy sauce. The spice levels were gentle, enough to notice but not too hot to be uncomfortable

There was plenty of cubed goat meat in the sauce and I think I was lucky getting less boney bits than my dining companion. I don’t mind picking the bits of meat off the bone but I know plenty of fusser buggers who can’t cope with such things🤣

I thought that the Rice n peas were great, much better than many places, and also a very generous portion size. I could have shared the dish, but had no intention of doing so!


All in All I really enjoyed this little (or actually quite big) taster of what they have to offer and was certainly encouraged to ponder coming back again for the wings with Mac n Cheese for another day’s lunch.

I also fancy dining in now to try more of their dishes from their ‘tapas’ (can we just call it small plates please?) 👍😎🥳 menu

Spice Cay Restaurant & Bar are located at 39 Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2EA in the space once occupied by the Ugly Bread Bakery. It is really close to the Lace Market Tram stop and just a short walk from the Old Market Square and Hockley

You can check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile

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