Sunday Dinner at the Curious Manor

The Curious Manor in Nottingham

The Curious Manor located in Trinity Place featuring The Scullery has been calling out to me for a while now.

I know loads of people who have been here and they had described it as ‘A bit weird’, that ‘Mad Hatter’s like Tea Place’, and ‘They do a nice Sunday Roast’.

Guess which one of those descriptions piqued my interest?

I do not often venture out for a Sunday Lunch as I follow the general rule in life that the best Sunday Roast is cooked by your Mum.

The Curious Sunday Roast Offering

Sunday Menu at Curious Manor

Sunday Lunch at The Curious Manor was basically a choice of Beef or Chicken.

We both opted for “Mr Taylor’s Beef Sirloin”

They were offering the roast dinner for £12.95, two courses for $15,95m and three for £17.95 . It didn’t say that you could not ask for three roast dinners for £17.95 (just saying).

I know that  if I have to think about leaving room for a starter and a pudding I cannot do justice to a decent sized Roast dinner, so I just went straight for the main!

“Mr Taylor’s Beef Sirloin”

Topside of Beef at the Curious Manor

First impressions were excellent! The plate arrived in front of us piled high and deep

Look at the lovely glistening slices of beef!”  plus a pretty decent looking Yorkshire pudding, and for me some Cauliflower in a light cheese sauce poking out from beneath

(I loves me a bit of Cauliflower Cheese!).

We had been asked how we wanted it cooking, which is always a bonus in the UK, and was delighted to see it arrive nice and pink just as we had requested.

The topside of beef was really well cooked, it was thick cut which was good, and it was pretty juicy as well. A couple of mouthfuls on the edge were a bit chewy but most was like butter,  I do like my fat so I am going to say that was a good thing.

It is hard to see from the pictures but those slices of beef are pretty generous as they could cover an entire dinner plate.

This is really good beef and well worth coming out for. ‘Juicy’, ‘Tasty’, ‘Beefy’, ‘Meaty’, someone call for a food critic (a real one) to find the words to describe how amazing the meat tasted. Then someone else try and tell me about some posher place that is better.

Don’t bother my phone is on silent and do not disturb, Mum has a smile on her face so all is good on the plate and all is good in the world.

Now what about that Yorkshire Pudding? This is crunch time!

Family Sunday lunches can revolve around and succeed or fail of this beast.

My Uncle Tony from Yorkshire ate his as a starter.

Phew this was very very good. It was well risen, crispy, crunchy and ooh so tasty? What is that I find nipping in and out running around my taste buds? there is something extra here, some flavour transformed it from the ordinary to the extra ordinary? It turned out to be garlic, but it was not pungent garlic, it was a little bit of sweetness in the batter that really added to the experience. We liked it, but Uncle Tony may have wavered.

Lets Delve in!

Sunday Lunch at the Curious Manor

The Vegetables were mostly hiding underneath all that beef, so just to see what I can find to eat and to show you all I slid that meat roof to one side for a moment. I will be honest  and say that I am not really a massive fan of cabbage, but I was quite taken with the lightly crunchy stuff that they served to me here, it was just how think I would like to like it.

There were some decent sized roast potatoes, crispy outside and fluffy inside served together with some excellent carrots that tasted well really ‘carroty’. That is about the best description I can come up with, I guess I am saying that they were really good.

The take home message is that everything on that plate was excellent and I gobbled it all down with a modicum of decorum.

Service wise it was excellent, we asked for more Gravy and it appeared within moments, we were offered water for the table and had a nice big jug full within moments, the slice of lemon we didn’t fancy was dispatched with the blink of an eyelid, and once everyone we had already met asked if the food was ok, we were left to dine in peace.

So much success on the hunt for a really good decent Sunday Lunch and the good thing was that there was so much more on their menus that tickled my fancy for another day

The Burger Menu

Burger Menu at the Curious Manor

I was drooling a little bit as I perused the Curious Manor Burger Menu. I liked the sound of the favour combinations and was very happy to see that they were being supplied by the excellent Johnny Pusztai.

I am not sure which one I will have to eat, but the chances are that I will be back and all over that “Manor Burger” which was’ Pusztai Beef, curious sauce, cheddar and onion rings’.

Well if not that then maybe the “Sherwood ranger” which is also Beef from Mr Pusztai but this time topped with ‘Nottingham Stilton, Sherwood Bacon and onion jam’ Triple Yum.

What Else? Well what about Brunch?

Brunch Menu at The Curious Manor

I was also liking the look of the Curious Manor Brunch menu, in particular some of my all time favorites Eggs Benedict and Eggs royale. I do like a proper fry up but I also like a lighter more elegant brunch plate and anything on a toasted muffin ticks all my boxes.

I was ‘curious’ about their ‘Colombian eggs which is a Poached egg, avocado salsa on a toasted muffin. Sounded good for £6. I also wanted the Steak and hash Brown, so basically I wanted everything!

The Curious Manor in Nottingham

The Curious Manor is located in Trinity Square in Nottingham NG1 4AF.

The entrance in on the corner with a small bar called the Scullery downstairs. Upstairs the restaurant spreads in a curve around part of the square up and above the Harvester.

The place is part of that stable of restaurants run by Brown and Brown Industries that includes Cured and The Parlour in West Bridgford both of which I have visited and enjoyed.

I had a tasty burger at Cured (read more here) and a very decent Club sandwich at The Parlour (read about that here).

You can follow them to find out up to date info and offers on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed.



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