Brunch at A-Venue in West Bridgford

The Avenue in West Bridgford is the newest kid finding its way onto the block down Central Avenue. It is the newest incumbent of the building formerly occupied by Cured, and by Belle and Jerome.

I walked by on a bimble last Thursday and saw signs of life, so this Friday I made a plan to MyFoodHunt my way down the Avenue to check them out

For weeks there has been a sign on the window suggesting Street Food would be on the menu and recently last week I read about the place in the Nottingham Post where they said that “The street food menu captures flavours from around the world from Canadian chicken with maple syrup and cheesy chips and gravy and Indian chicken tikka with smoking hot sauce to posh British fish and chips and Thai fish skewers.!”

So I was pretty hopeful of a treat or two when we popped in on Friday lunch to get some brunch.

The Breakfast Menu

They had two menus, a breakfast menu that was being served until 1pm and a ‘street food’ menu as well (see bottom of post).

I was in a breakfast mood 🙂

So what did we eat?

A-Venue Benedict

I ordered the A-venue Benedict which was described on the menu as “Chorizo, black pudding, poached egg, toasted croissant and Sriracha hollandaise’

I have mixed feelings about this dish, it looked pretty and I really enjoyed eating it, it has lots of the things that I love, spicy chorizo, black pudding and soft runny poached egg.

I was kind of expecting something a lot spicier and a lot hotter, my mouth had been salivating with the expected sort of slap in the face from the Sriracha sauce.

In the end though it was pretty tame and not really that spicy. Most of the spice heat came from the very thin slice of chorizo.

It was a very tasty little snack though and I thoroughly enjoyed munching my way through it with minimal bites. I was kind of about 3 mouthfuls short of being full so, as they say, I was left wanting more.

Thinking about it, did I really want an overpowering chilli hit? probably not which maybe why they left it as a slight hint or a slight thought of Sriracha in the hollandaise topping

The “Veggie Breakfast”

The Veggie Breakfast was described on the menu as ‘Beetroot sausage, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, beans, poached eggs and toast”.

Alison ordered this and to be fair when it arrived on the plate it looked pretty well presented. Poached egg, toast and beans all were pretty decent.

The mushrooms were a bit weird and I kind of think that they came out of a tin. The vegan sausages were also a very surprising item, they had the right shape, but they were a bit dry and crumbly and considering that they were made of beetroot, I didn’t really taste any beetroot in the bit foisted on the end of a fork towards me.

Now I am not a vegetarian so I can’t really comment on the addition of spinach to the plate, I suppose it adds iron and some essential vitamins?

I do like that they cater to the vegan and vegetarian with a meatless and meat product free option. I am just glad that I probably will never have to stick it at the top of my list.

Street Food Menu

I did check out the ‘street food’ menu to see if it really was street food, or just another faux effort masquerading as street food. I did like the sound of some of the stuff on the list.

The Fish Dog with Fennel slaw sounds pretty good “Cod and smoked salmon fish dog in a brioche hotdog roll with fennel slaw and Chipotle tartar sauce” and the Chicken Taco with Peach BBQ sauce sounds intriguing as well; “Char-grilled chicken breast with black beans, red grape and coloured cauliflower salad on a tomato taco with homemade peach BBQ sauce

Both sounded good but at 9 quid we are venturing into Hipster prices here for street food

More Street Menu

If I come back it will most likely be on a MyFoodHunt Fish and Chips Friday mission to sample their “Up Market Fish and Chips”

I am always a sucker for stuff like that 🙂


A-venue in West Bridgford is located at 33/35 Central Avenue right in the heart of café society.

It is right over the road from Iceland if that helps 🙂



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