Notts Station Street Food Market – featuring Rubys Street Kitchen and Smiffy’s Smoke Shack

This week I was back up at Station Street, trying out some more stalls at the Street Food Market set up by Wolf Down Pop ups this week on Thursday it was Ruby’s Street Kitchen and Smiffy’s Smoke Shack, so Indian and BBQ for lunch? tasty!

First up was the Sheffield based “Ruby’s Street Kitchen” selling their take on Mumbai Street Food.

I had seen on Twitter that they were going to be here and I was keen to see what they had to give us. I have spent some time living and working in India and they were always telling us not to eat the food off the streets (we paid no attention) so I was kind of really interested to see what these guys were going to have.

The first impressions were good as that sign on their stall was so reminiscent of the signage and advertising I was used to seeing in India, this was going to be good!

XL Veg Samosa with Chickpea Chat

I wanted to try food from both stalls at the market so I decided to just have one of the smaller sized dishes that they had on offer.

I had the XL Veg Samosa with Chickpea Chat and salad. I really like the Chickpea Chat which had a nice medium spice, the salad seemed to be red onion and coriander.

The Samosa was pretty tasty and quite light. It was filled with peas, onion, carrot, potato, broad bean, and randomly some sweetcorn. It was also pretty good value for just £4

Ruby’s Mumbai Street Food Menu

Now on their Facebook Page I read that “We don’t just do Indian Street Food…we are in love with many of the best foods in the world! We strive to reflect the flavours and just make food that makes you go mmmm”.

When I took a look at their menu board and saw that they had so much great stuff on offer, well I could see where they were coming from.

I hope that they come back again as I really want to try so much of their fare! Top of that list is their ‘Award Winning Mumbai Vad Burger”. I saw a picture 🙂


Smiffy’s Smoke Shack

Next up was a Pit Chilli-Cheese Dog from Smiffy’s Smoke Shack. I saw these guys here last week and so this week I was making sure that I tried something from their stall.

Those of you who know me, know that I am kind of sceptical about the whole English USA BBQ scene, but you also know that I am game to give everyone who tries a go 🙂

I saw a picture of some ribs on Twitter and that was enough to make me think, plus the guy behind the counter looks like someone who cooks BBQ and might have a Pit 🙂

Pit Chilli-Cheese Dog

The Chili Cheese Dog had a lot going for it, the toppings of Pit Chilli and melted cheese sauce were both really good. The chili was quite thick, a bit smoky and a little bit sweet. It actually was a very meaty topping which I quite liked. More often than not your traditional BBQ chili topping is more of a meat gravy, so it was interesting to get this served this way.

The Dog was tasty, but it wasn’t quite the right beast for this job, it didn’t quite have that ‘snap’ to the bite that you need with a truly great hot dog. I was talking to the guy running the show and he told me that they have a lot of other sausages on offer back at the shack so maybe I will try one of those next time I visit.

At the time in a tweet I described it as ‘yummy, messy and fun’ and it was, I liked it even though most of it seemed to end up smeared across my face!

After ordering I had chatted to them and found out they are currently a pop-up at the Last Chance Saloon up on Stoney Street in the Creative Quarter.

It was enough to get me thinking that I really needed to get my ass up to the Last Chance Saloon to give them another go 🙂

I checked out the menu and see that they have ‘burnt ends’. I love burnt ends so guess what I will be looking for? 🙂


The Street Food Market is located underneath the arches of the bridge that the Trams run over next to Nottingham Train Station.

The street is called Station Street and the market is open on Thursdays and Fridays.

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