Bulgogi Rice Bowl at TimeOut Cafe

The Sign on the Board outside the TimeOut Café on Wheeler Gate suggested that “It’s Rice Bowl o’clock” and you know what just for once I agreed and let the advertising win 🙂 Well to be honest about half of these posts start with some sort of chalkboard or sign leading me into somewhere to eat, so I would expect that no-one is surprised.

The truth is that I have been planning to come back into the Time Out Cafe for a while now. I hadn’t been in since my last posts about the place back in May 2015 when I was raving about their Mentiako Pasta. I was really curious to see how the menu had developed since then.

There was a lot of really great sounding stuff on the new menu, lots of new rice dishes and lots of new noodle bowls as well. I had kind of already decided that I was going to be eating of their Bulgogi Rice Bowls and not just because I had seen the picture on the board outside as I walked by during the last few weeks.

The Bulgogi rice bowl was a pretty decent sized dish packed with plenty of spice and plenty of flavour to titillate the palate.

There was a lot of sliced beef all coated in a nice warming spicy sauce. Down at the bottom of the bowl was a pile of sticky rice and alongside that was shredded lettuce, some spicy kimchee, and some other green stuff that I didn’t recognise

The kicker was the Fried Egg wedged in there between the beef and the rice, I loved the moment when the spicy sauce mixed with the egg yolk as it burst forth across the top of the bowl.

This was such a warming dish of food to eat and not just because of the spice element. It was hearty and humbling just the sort of stuff you want from a classic street food dish.  I enjoyed it immensely as this is a dish for the people, and it made me feel included.


TimeOut Café is Located at 14-16 Wheeler Gate in Nottingham upstairs at 1/F


Note: It seems that this place has closed down for a while.

There is a note on their Instagram Feed saying that they are closed and hinting to look out for upcoming exciting news.



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