Breakfast Pizza at Pizzastorm

Pizzastorm used to be called Inferno and it is basically the same place with a different name and a redesign in the layout. Inferno used to have a boast that they would “serve you your pizza from their oven in 180 seconds.”

Pizzastorm has the same claim, although it seemed to take 10-15 minutes for my pizza to arrive, maybe it was only in the oven for 180 seconds and I was just in the pizza queue for the rest of the time? 🙂

I really only came in when I read that they were offering an All Day Breakfast style Pizza, that was topped with “Classic tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, free range egg & baked beans”

Now I like a good all day breakfast but I was not quite sure that it would work on a pizza, however I am always game for a bit of a challenge, so I took it upon myself to pop in to try this combo out.

I made sure that I had a bit of a hangover so that I was in the right (or perhaps wrong) frame of mind to attack a greasy spoon like pizza.

Now as Pizza’s go this one was up there in the weirdo pizza world. It had all that lovely breakfast comfort food vibe, but I still can’t decide if this worked or not?

I liked the egg in the middle, although I would have liked it with a runnier egg, the bacon was just about ok, perhaps if it was slices of crisp streaky bacon latticed into the pie topping it would have been better. There was plenty of mushroom all over the pizza and the crust was not too bad, perhaps a bit thick and soggy in places maybe from the beans.

It was like nice for a bit, perhaps for a few slices. . Then though it kind of got a bit sickly and that was mostly down the baked beans that just took over.

I think really is a pizza for sharing, perhaps a couple of slices each on your way to the pub on a Sunday morning to watch the footy?


If I did come back again I think I would just stick to something a lot more normal like the Classic Pepperoni. I was being a bit too clever when I tried this somewhat goofy and weird combination.

PizzaStorm in Nottingham is located at

37 Milton Street, Nottingham, NG1 3EN

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