Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle Burger at The Canal House

The Canal House on Canal Street in Nottingham, next to the Canal (spot the theme in the thread) is a great pub for sampling Ale. I really don’t come here often enough considering the excellent selection of beers that they stock. The rumour that the sole reason is that you have to walk several flights of stairs to get to the gents is in all honesty quite accurate 🙂

I looked back over the last 6 years on the blog to see when I had last recorded one of my trips here and it was interesting to see that I had only posted twice.

The last post was back in 2015 when I popped in for a Colorado Craft Beer Festival and had an Elk Burger, before that I posted in 2013 when I popped in for a Homemade Venison Burger.

I have been in loads of times over the years and I have brought every single one of my USA visitors here mainly because of the beer but also because there is usually a boat in the middle of the pub!

Today I was meeting mates for Castle Rock Beer and just wanted some Pub Food 🙂

I kind of wanted something slightly unusual and decided to take a chance on one their US themed dishes.  I quite fancied the Cajun shrimp po’boy as that is one of my most favourite sandwiches, I just love a well dressed one on ledenheimer bread. I kind of knew in my heart of hearts that I had to move on from this option as it just could never live up to one from N’awlins

Instead I turned to the world of waffle, which matched well with my level of conversation at that moment

So what did I eat?

The Chicken and Waffle Burger

I ended up ordering the “Southern-fried chicken & waffle burger” described on the menu as ‘southern-fried chicken topped with Monterey jack cheese, served in a warm, sweet waffle’.

It was a total leap of faith and another chance to post about waffles on the blog. So the first thing to say was that it did look to be a lot of fun when it arrived at the table. It certainly drew attention from a nearby table who were also pondering their choices.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the sandwich, it was just a bit too ‘out there’ to work for me. I think that there was too much waffle to chicken. I liked the sweetness of the waffle for a while, but kind of only needed half as much waffle. The Southern Fried chicken with the Jack cheese was fine enough on it’s own, but it all got lost in that mass of waffle.

I know that it did say ‘sweet waffle’ but if I was refining this sandwich I would make it a savoury waffle perhaps with some chives in it, then add the sweetness with some sort of maple syrup sauce or glaze.

The Southern-fried chicken & waffle burger came with salad and chips, neither of which added much to the dish. They were your classic pub food bedfellows,  nothing particularly wrong just extra scoffing opportunities and plate white space fillers.

If you just want something funky to talk about and something to help wash down some beer then you might like to try this sandwich. The curious onlookers from earlier who watched me receive this dish has also ordered it as well. Twenty minutes later I saw 4 more of these waffle constructions head over to their table. I didn’t stick around to see what they thought.


The Canal House is located on Canal Street right by the Canalside in Nottingham.

Officially the address is 48-52 Canal Street Nottingham NG1 7EH

They have a terrific selection of beers and they also sell a lot of pub food as well to assist with well beer drinking, life, and feeling peckish

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