Pizza at the Broadway Cinema Bar

The Broadway Cinema and Café bar is located as one might expect inside the Broadway Cinema building on Broad Street in Nottingham.

It was another one of those nights when we were just supposed to have met up here for pre-drinks and then head out for a meal. As per usual we ended up drinking lots of beer and wine and forgetting to plan the meal out part.

Luckily they were still serving food and for some reason I ordered a pizza. That is so not like me, but it seems to have become a theme of the year so far. It might even get to the point where I have eaten enough pizza in the city to contemplate a Top 10 situation.

As it stands though I think I have only eaten at 7 different places so not really a decent sample size yet, even for a Top 5 🙂


The pizza on the Chalkboard by the bar was described as

“Pizza – Lincolnshire sausage, smoked bacon, button mushroom and cherry tomato”

I figured that I likes all that stuff anyway and it sounded like a decent little snackeroo and it was not too expensive just £7.95 🙂

Pizza at Broadway

I was actually most pleasantly surprised at the Broadway Pizza offering. It was all very simple and very tasty. The crust was very thin and very crisp, it was no thicker than a Jacobs Cream Cracker.

I asked where they got the pizza base and was told that they made the dough fresh every day.

The little meatballs were as expected just like little bites of lincolnshire sausage with that lovely sage taste.

The cheese, mushroom, tomato, and red onion were all good but the highlight was the little pop of tomato as you bit into the little cherry balls.

It was all very fresh and quite a light bite. I would try one again so it was a bonus find.

Broadway Menu

Broadway Cinema and Cafe Bar is located at

14-18 Broad St  City Centre, Nottingham NG1 3AL . The nearest Tram stop is probably about 5 minutes walk away at the Lace Market.


I did blog about this place back in 2013 when I had a Pulled Pork sandwich , read about that here,  and Yes I was going through that phase 🙂


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