The Big Fish Restaurant near Sherwood Forest

The Big Fish Restaurant at Ollerton is a little bit of a hidden gem in the Nottinghamshire Fish and Chip scene. It is located on the side of the roundabout at the junction of the A614 and the A6075.

I think I have driven past this place hundreds of time when passing along that route between Nottingham and Mansfield, but until this day I had never stopped (my Bad).

Today though we were in desperate need of some comforting and filling sustenance, we had just been rambling around Sherwood Forest and nearby Edwinstowe on a bit of a circular hike. It was getting late in the afternoon, basically tea time, we fancied Fish and Chips, then boom we remembered The Big Fish was nearby!

We both ordered the Haddock and Chips, described on the menu as a “10oz haddock fillet served with chips” for £8.50. We could have had the “Fish Special” which is a smaller offering of a 4-6oz Haddock Fillet served with chips and a side of peas, beans, curry or gravy for only £6.80, but we were really hungry so we went for the BIG FISH 🙂 We added a side of mushy peas and a pot of tea each as well! You have too, but I held back from getting a slice of bread and butter 🙂 All in we were looking at abut £22 for two of us.

Haddock and Chips at The Big Fish

The Haddock and Chips was really quite excellent, it was a plate that matched all of my hopes and expectation, and then some!

The Haddock was perfectly cooked to my liking, the fillet was juicy and meaty and lay underneath an almost perfect layer of crisp and slightly crunchy coating. As you cut through the light and airy batter you will find a lot of lovely flakes of haddock meat, pulling gently apart as you delve in there. It all glistened and almost sparkled as it sat on my fork awaiting it’s fate, I was loving this fish and chips experience so far.

The Chips were plentiful, bountiful, and kind of overflowing as they took up a large proportion of the plate. It was lucky that I was very peckish after my hike around Sherwood Forest as I could have been overwhelmed on a different day. Today though I was a man for the task!

I quite liked the mushy peas that added a great little creamy sauce to dip my chips into, it was really nice to get a pot of proper mushy peas, and noty some random hipster minty effort. You really don’t need to mess around with the classics.

The 10oz Haddock Fillet was so large that it hung over each end of the plate, it dwarves the dish and makes it look like you have a small portion of chips. Trust me you most certainly did not have a small portion of anything here at The Big Fish!

Even now as I write I am salivating as I look at that picture of the Haddock. Do I want to go for another 8 mile walk around the Forest? well if I get to come here again then my answer is yes!

Now I think that this place is great value, but a few people I spoke to about this talked about the prices. Personally it seemed fair enough to me for a sit down Fish and Chip meal, having said that no-one grumbled about the quality!

The service was great, fast and efficient and all with a warm welcome and a smile.

This place is right up there in the county of Nottinghamshire on my list of good places to get Fish and Chips at. We might be about as far from the seaside as we can get, but we do have a fair number of gems like The Big Fish where we can get a decent chippy dinner and dream of strolling along the promenade, sniffing that salt air.

The Big Fish Restaurant is located at  Old Rufford Road, Ollerton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9DT on that big roundabout as I said before where the A614 and the A6075 meet.

It is really near to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, Edwinstowe, and Ollerton and I think it a great place to stop off at on your way between Mansfield and Nottingham

Check them out on their Website and also on Facebook as well

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  1. Mrs M says:

    Fish nice don’t bother with the chips they’ll give you the sqits

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