Breakfast at The Picnic Basket

I love the Picnic Basket on Carrington Street! I always pick this place over the nearby chains if I want a cup of tea and a sandwich. When we are getting the train out of town it is my first stop in the morning for a bacon cob which comes with a free cup of tea or coffee for about Ā£3.

This week my mate Martin who accompanies me on many a MyFoodHunt for The Nottingham Food Blog told me he was going to try out their breakfast. I was well jealous, but he works just around the corner by the canal so I gave him the mission to make his visit blog worthy šŸ™‚

He came up trumps, and not just because he scored himself a super plateful of breakfast goodness, but also because I now get to champion another one of our super local eateries that deserve the limelight

This plateful of Breakfast is named on the menu as The “Cooked Breakfast” and is described as coming with “2 Fried eggs, 2 Grilled Sausages, 2 Slices best back bacon, beans & tomatoes, 2 slice of toast (white or wholemeal) and a cup of tea and coffee”

Those sausages were reported to be ‘lovely, meaty and herby’, and that is how they look in the photo as well. The Fried eggs with the runny yolks were ‘great for dipping your toast into‘, but then again the toast was ‘great for scooping up the beans’ too.

‘The bacon was tasty, but that fat on the rind looks and was a bit, well ‘fatty”. Having said that, it looks the same as the bacon I get in my bacon cobs from this place and to be honest I love me a bit of soft bacon fat. I know šŸ™‚ I also love it crispy too, lets face it I just love bacon!

Anyway Martin my erstwhile companion declared that this was a ‘pretty decent breakfast‘ and suggested that we should have one next time we are heading out on the train on a beer bimble or a bit of a jolly. I just looked at his photos and kind of also wanted to do just the same šŸ™‚


There is a lot of great stuff listed on the Picnic Basket Menu, I reckon if I was a regular in the area at lunchtime I would probably be all over this place. I would have to try one of their “Fluffy crispy jacket potatoes” probably with cheese and beans. I am also really keen to have one of “Our Famous Hot Roast of the day Rolls” as well.

So much stuff to scoff and if I didn’t have a food blog and a need / desire to eat everything everywhere this would be my go to City Centre lunchtime spot (if I worked in town)

The Picnic Basket is located at 48 Carrington Street in Nottingham opposite the Bentick Hotel and right next to the bridge over the canal.

There is a bus stop pretty much outside as well so if you get off to go to the train station it is worth popping along the 50 yards or so to get some snap


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