Breakfast Burger at the Canalhouse

It only seems like a couple of weeks since I was last in The Canalhouse bar and restaurant on Canal street munching away on a “Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle Burger“. This week my Mate Martin was out again at lunchtime and told me that he was popping in for a Burger so I gave him another mission to try something a bit different.

I am hoping that eventually he will write his own blog posts up for me, but so far he just seems to be good at eating the food and taking pictures, then sending me said pictures when I am really hungry and sitting at my desk in the office πŸ™

I was under the impression that he was going to be scoffing the Mac and Cheese burger, which sounded like a pretty decent idea to me. I would probably have given that one a go.

I knew that wasn’t going to happen those once he sent me the picture of the menu board, I know him too well and I knew he was going to get the Breakfast Burger.

While all this was going on I was sitting eating a cheese and ham sandwich staring sadly into my computer monitor waiting for the US to wake up. note to self “Why don’t I work within walking distance of a loads of pubs, restaurants, and deli’s”

The Breakfast Burger

The Breakfast Burger was described on the chalkboard as “Pork sausage, Tomato & Baked Bean Burger, Topped with Hash Browns, Bacon, and Fried Egg served with chips and salad” for Β£10.95

I recall that I have actually already eaten this particular burger sandwich myself before, but was interested to get a second opinion.

The first thing that strikes you is the layering, it is like ‘egg on top of sausage burger on top of hash browns’. Egg = good, Burger made of Sausage meat = good, Hash Browns? Martin = Good, Me = Meh.

The crispy coated hash browns add a bit of texture to the bite‘ which at least gave them a role in this sandwich. To be honest when you get a side of fries with the burger, well why do you need to add more potato? Well that was my question anyway, Martin loves Hash Brown so said he was well happy.

Crucial question number two, Was the fried egg runny? Yes it was! and yes it did add a creamy sauciness to the burger! Nice camera work there mate πŸ™‚ The cut through the sausage patty revealed a pretty thick meaty burger slice, which I understand was pretty moist and ‘was still pretty juicy

All in all this sandwich looks pretty good, My Mate Martin said that he was stuffed and that it was much better than the Mac n Cheese Burger that he was supposed to be on a mission to eat πŸ™‚ Someone else had that and were jealous of the Breakfast Burger!

That about sums up the long set of text messages, WhatsApp, and discussion about the burger over a pint in the pub later that evening, Cheers Mate πŸ™‚


The Canal House is located on Canal Street right by the Canalside in Nottingham.

Officially the address isΒ 48-52 Canal Street Nottingham NG1 7EH


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