Vegan Junk – The “Sausage and Egg” Muffin

Vegan Junk were at Nottingham Vegan Market in Sneinton last weekend alongside a whole host of vendors selling lots of vegan food to try.

I understood that Vegan Junk as their name might suggest are ‘dealing’ in the world of Vegan Junk Food.

I was up for giving that a go, I mean it’s not really junk if it is all made of nice healthy stuff is it?

Vegan Junk Food

On the table they had the Three main offerings of the day, some sort of loaded fries, a ‘Sausage and Egg‘ muffin, and a ‘V-Junk Mac’. It was good to see what the food was going to look like.

I know that I was probably supposed to be looking for some proper grown up Vegan meal, but when I saw the vegan ‘Sausage and Egg’ muffin that Vegan Junk were selling, well I was sold. I mean I kind of like those sausage and egg muffins (from a well known chain) and not even in a guilty pleasure kind of way, I just really like them.

The thing is that the ones on the Vegan Junk stall that they had prepared even looked very similar. Oh dear, or rather Oh Good 🙂

I was also really curious to see what they had used to make these and if they actually tasted any good? I tried my best to get some secrets of the recipe, but all I could get out of them was that they just mixed seitan and tofu and some stuff together until it tasted good 🙂 Fair enough, although I didn’t really expect the full recipe, maybe just a few hints? I just had to be patient and wait until I got my chops around one to find out what these were all about.

The Sausage and Egg Muffin

So I have this in my hand and you know it looks like a sausage and egg muffin, the ‘sausage patty’ has all the right texture and colour, the ‘egg’ even looks like a folded egg omelette. You say that you eat with your eyes first and at the moment before I bite into this sandwich that was what I was doing.

The ‘egg’ part which I understand was made of silken tofu which was griddled on the hot plate in one of those round rings, really was just like a egg omelette, the texture was the same, it was all soft and a little creamy and a good substitute to be honest.

The ‘sausage patty’ made of that ‘secret’ blend of seitan, tofu, and other flavouring also looked the part, the outside was just like biting into a meaty patty, the inside was a bit softer though and perhaps not as ‘meaty’ it was like much smoother a mouthful. I did like the flavour, and even though I could not quite work out what it was exactly, it did do a good job of replicating the meat part of this ‘sausage and egg’ muffin.

Sausage and egg‘ muffin with waffle fries

The muffin was nice, it could have been a bit toastier if I was being picky, and the ‘vegan cheese’ was melted nicely on one cut layer, I would have liked one a bit saltier though (if that is even possible) 🙂 The only downside was that the whole thing was a bit greasy and I needed more napkins than I had to wipe my fingers clean.

Those waffle fries were a bit weird too, I wondered if I had wandered into the kids section of the menu by mistake, anyway I didn’t read the menu board properly so I guess they were an added unexpected bonus 🙂

In the end though Vegan Junk did deliver on it’s promise of providing Junk Food but I suspect that it was less junky than the ‘junk food’ that it was trying to mimic. If I had converted to being a Vegan and had been pining for a McDonalds Sausage and Egg Muffin, I would be hunting down Vegan Junk all the time when I wanted ‘to slip’ and ‘get down and durty‘ with my brunch, oh yes 🙂

More yummy stuff

They also had a lot of Cakes and other sweet Stuff like Donuts on the counter as well. I almost asked for one of the vegan sausage rolls that I could see lurking at the back too. I felt that would have been pushing my vegan junk food adventure just a little too far? Anyway I figure that I had to leave a little something to try if I see them again at the market or in and around town.

Vegan Junk can be found all over the place at markets and pop-up events, you can find out where they might be on their Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and on their Instagram Profile

Sneinton Vegan Market can be found on the 1st of each month at Sneinton Market in Nottingham.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter

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