The Rustic Crust – Fresh Woodfired Pizza from a Landrover!

The Rustic Crust were down at Sneinton Market on Friday serving up wood fired Pizza from  their Landrover. It wasn’t in a dodgy ‘fell of the back of the van’ way, it was in an ‘OMG these guys seriously know what they are doing‘ kind of way!

It was the Friday Nights @ Sneinton Market event by the Creative Quarter and we were down there in the Avenues hunting for some tasty snacks,  but mainly we were coming to find Rustic Crust as we had already had a tip off about how good their Pizza was from @JeremysFoodTour  🙂

On their website they say they are a “mobile wood fired pizza with a difference!” and invite you to “Experience our authentic Neapolitan style, wood fired, hand pushed & hand tossed pizza.  Served fresh from our fabulous converted Land Rover defender ‘Poppy’.”

I don’t need to be told twice, I was there and checking out their menu

The Menu

The Rustic Crust Menu looked pretty good to me, I liked that they had lots of options for the Vegan and the Vegetarian and made that clear right up at the top.

I had been tempted by the “Volcano Extra Hot” which was with ‘Nduja Salami, Chilli Flakes and Hot Poquitto Peppers‘ but I bailed out at the last minute to get something more restrained

Then I had my eyes on the “Spicy Italian Sausage” love me some sausage on a pizza,  but then I veered finally towards  the “Fresh Mushroom and Garlic” opting to bung on some of the ‘Prosciutto Ham from Rome’ for an extra quid. Honestly I wasn’t just looking to get a Ham and Mushroom pizza at all 🙂

While we waited we watched the chap doing or ‘Doughing’ the pizza magic as he span our pizza base around in front of us. OK so he knew we were watching, and he did better twirls than the ones I took a picture of 🙂

It was great to see our dough being spun to order, then stretched and slotted into the hot woodfired oven as we hung around drooling like hungry labradors around the dining table waiting for scraps to fall our way. We just shuffled slowly over to the end and peered hopefully into the flames as we watched our pizza cook

Garlic and Mushroom Pizza (with Proscuitto)

The Pizza arrived pretty quickly, that oven was cooking them pretty fast! I reckon it was less than 5 minutes between the time the chap started spinning the base, until we actually got the pizza sitting in front of us.

We took up the offer of some parmesan, fresh basil, and drizzle of herb infused oil, just because it was offered to us 🙂 It was a good choice as well, I think that the oil had more garlic as well, and the fresh herbs made it seem healthier, ahem.

The Eating

I have to say that ‘The Eating’ was rather good with this pizza. The toppings were great, lots of garlic, juicy mushrooms, slices of salty proscuitto all amongst pockets of cheese tucked in on top of  a super tomato sauce.

The crust was lovely as well, soft and chewy with plenty of nice little bubbles of charred bits on the edges from the wood fire. The garlic and herb oil drizzled over the top was also a really nice touch too adding even more fresh flavour to each bite.

Now for some reason my mate Martin took photos of me eating the pizza and to be fair it does look like I was really enjoying it so against my better judgement I posted the collage for your amusement and to show that I really do stuff the food in my face whenever I have the chance 🙂

The Rustic Crust can be found all over Nottinghamshire and sometimes beyond selling their take on ‘Napoletana’ Pizza from their customised Landrover. I think this is some of the best pizza I have had from a Streetfood van for a while and certainly the menu combinations were really well thought through and all sounded pretty goddam tasty

I hope to see them again soon, next time I might be braver and take on the ‘Volcano Extra Hot’ 🙂

Check The Rustic Crust out on their website where you can red their story too. They are also on social media in many of the usual places.

Check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see where they might be parked up selling pizza


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  1. you missed out – the Italian sausage was fantastic! We spent ages trying to guess what was in it but only got as far as fennel. My friends had the Volcano and said it wasn’t too hot at all.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Next time I will have to try both of those!

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