Fish and Chip Friday at The Tailors Arms in Wilford

The Tailors Arms in Wilford has recently re-opened after a refurbishment, it is the re-invention of the space formerly occupied by The Wilford Green. The pub had been mostly closed
over the last year which was a shame as this has always been a good spot for a pub in the area.

Now I understand that it has been reborn as a Gastro-pub, I didn’t know they existed anymore? and the door opened back up to us punters about a week ago. There were no menus yet
online so we just took a chance that they were doing lunch when we popped over this Friday. We kind of knew it would be OK, it usually is on a decent MyFoodHunt 🙂

*I put some pics of the menu down below

We came here hopefully looking for a plate of Fish and Chips, I mean it was a Friday so what else is one to do?

Luckily, or rather just as we expected there was a dish on the menu. “Tailors ale-battered cod, minty mushy peas, tartare sauce, lemon and hand cut chips” for £11.50

It all looked quite dainty laid out on that big white plate,  I suppose this is gastro pub plating lay out . It all made for a nice photo anyway.

Bonus point for serving it properly on a heated white plate and without any stupid baskets or boards (we will gloss over the tartare sauce in the small jam jar 🙂 )

The Fish and Chips did not look that big on the plate but it was actually pretty filling. The Fish itself was so big that it dwarves the rest of the stuff on there, the batter was
not too thick and was pretty crunchy on the outside. There was plenty of juicy white fleshy fish inside and it had a good taste. If I was being slightly pedantic I might suggest that
the batter was just a touch soft on the inside and could have perhaps been cooked just a tad longer.

I liked the chips, they were chunky, soft and fluffy inside, and well cooked on the outside with a nice crisp bite. I did soak mine in salt and vinegar, but they still stayed
solid under the attack of the malt. The chips were stacked in a kind of potato fence that if you flew over with a microscopic helicopter from land of the giants would have looked
like a hash tag from above. I know some of my mates would moan about the chips and say that there wasn’t enough of them, but I found the portion size to be big enough for my

My only moment of brief sadness was with my mushy peas which were more of a mushy pea smear than an actual portion. They tasted great and the spoonful that I had mixed well with
the chips and the fish. I just really would have liked a bit more. I quite liked the slight mintiness, and they went well with the gentle tartness of the tartare sauce which was a most pleasant condiment.

All in all this was a very solid plate of Fish and Chips, ok so it does come with a bit of a gastro pub price-point but I thought that was fair. I was well and truly stuffed after eating it and could have done with a bit of a lie down afterwards so it must have been a decent amount of food for lunch.

I love Fish and Chips Friday!

The Tailors Arms is located on Wilford Lane in Wilford, just by the Co-op and on the corner of Wilford Lane and St Ervan Road

Check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram Profile to see what is going on

Check out some of the menus below as well >>>>


The Menu

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