Korean Style Fried Chicken at The Gallus

The Gallus on Alfreton Road does not look much from the outside, but do not let appearances fool you, this is a very special place.

I had heard the word on the street that there was a small unassuming take-out up near Canning Circus selling some of the best Korean Fried Chicken in town and that I needed to get my ass up there pronto to check it out.

I heeded the advice and walked my way up  the hill from town to find them, spoiler alert it was so good that I ended up making a couple of trips.  It was to be a particularly rewarding and tasty MyFoodHunt discovery 🙂

The Gallus Fried Chicken

On the first visit to The Gallus I ordered The Gallus Fried Chicken described as being coated with a Korean chilli pepper paste based sauce. There was a choice of mild or hot, I looked at the man behind the counter for advice and he gently suggested ‘Mild’.  The man was right, it turned out that ‘mild’ was actually reasonably spicy, and I think that for me ‘Hot’ might have just been to much of a spicy mission.

I ordered the 2-piece box which was a drumstick and a thigh piece for £3.99, it was plenty. The twice fried chicken arrived piping hot, so hot that I needed a napkin to pick it up. It was covered with a thin hard coated layer of crunchy skin, I think that the brown sugar in the coating went all caramel, it was fantastic, sweet and spicy all at the same time.

This was almost like biting into a toffee apple, only inside there was no apple, oh no inside this spicy coated shell was a whole load of meaty, moist, juicy and succulent chicken.  The sticky sauce gets everywhere and the sugar was all over my fingers, this needed a lot of napkins to clean up but it was well worth it.

The Kan Poong Wings

On the second visit to The Gallus (the next day), I ordered a box of the Kan Poong wings, you got 8 wings for £5.49. These were the business indeed,  so good they are almost indescribable, in fact someone shut the front door and turn off the lights I am not home to visitors.

The wings were double deep fried and coated with an addictively spicy sweet garlic sauce. They are super crispy, almost beyond crispy, they are like a chewy candy coated little chicken wing treat. The sauce was sweet from the sugar and the garlic, and also mildly spicy, all at the same time.

There are only about two bites of chicken on each wing, but there was plenty of that crispy coating to gnaw on and the joy of licking the tangy sauce off as it dripped from each wing and from your fingers.

The Kan Poong flavouring was so moorish I was on the verge of ordering another boxful, but then I held back and let the moment play out, to become another taste memory to be stored in the bank.

I managed to resist temptations, after all they have a whole load more flavours to try and one cannot be too greedy?

I need to bring a partner in crime with me next time just to revel in the moment with another worshiper

The Gallus

The Gallus is located at 40 Alfreton Road in Nottingham. It is just past Canning Circus maybe a 2-3 minute walk from the point where it splits from Derby Road.

It was small inside, but comfortable with a few tables so that you can eat your fried chicken while it is still piping hot. That was probably a good thing as there is no way on earth that I would have enough willpower to get these all the way home before I totally destroyed them 🙂

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