Charcoal Grilled Chicken at Chappati Junction

Chappati Junction in Hyson Green lies on the corner of Radford Road and Selhurst Street. It is ‘apparently’ the home of the ‘Curry King but more importantly I heard that it was one of the few spots in the area selling Charcoal Grilled Chicken.

I really love a bit of chicken cooked on the grill so it was worth a long walk over to try them out.

I mean grilled chicken is supposed to be practically a health food anyway 🙂

I was in luck it seemed as the meal that I was after was one of their daily specials. Half a Charcoal Grilled Chicken with salad and a naan bread (with a drink thrown in) was on offer at the most excellent price of £5.50.

There was an option to have your chicken with rice or with chips, but I was sticking to the slightly healthier option of a freshly cooked plain naan and the side salad.

I was somewhat amazed at just how much chicken arrived on my plate, I mean I know it was billed as half a chicken, but sometimes those chickens seem really small when they arrive. Not here though at Chappati Junction these birds are big.

I had a huge leg piece, drumstick and thigh (honestly I don’t know how they managed to catch this one!), there was also a large piece of breast on the bone, and the wing was all tucked away underneath too.

There was an option to have your chicken ‘spicy’, an option which I jumped all over and took up, it was a good choice. The chicken was perfectly cooked, it was falling off the bone and was really juicy. I was loving the crisp and lightly spiced skin and particularly liked the bits of chicken where the spices that has been used to coat it had crept inside amongst the slits made by the knife as it was prepared.

On the side was a pile of salad and I admit that I did not eat a lot of it, but I should have as it was nice and fresh. The sauces that came with the dish were pretty good too, there were two kind of tomato based ones, one was hot and one was mild. I mixed those up with the chicken and it made it even better, nice one sauce.

I liked the naan because it was cooked freshly when I ordered, it might have been just a plain one but it was soft and fluffy and just perfect for soaking up the spicy chicken juice from my plate and also for grabbing bits of chicken and making little salad naan sandwiches.

It was so nice to get one fresh from the kitchen. I would come back again just to pick one of these up if I was passing. In fact when I was talking about this place to a mate at work he was telling me about the deal that they have with 3 chapatis for a £1 and that how sometimes when they have a lot of guests around they pop in and buy 4 or 5 quids worth to go with their dinner.

I really was most pleasantly surprised by how tasty the chicken was at Chappati Junction, very happy though that it was! It is always good to have a successful MyFoodHunt trip. They have a nice comfortable area inside the place where you can sit and eat, I sat chomping away and being nosey about what other people were ordering and collecting. It seemed that the charcoal chicken was very popular, 4 out of the 5 people who came in were having that dish, that was a good sign!

They also had curries and kebabs skewers on the menu as well as the standard burger type of thing. The one other dish that I espied  and was quite keen to take a chance on was the Masala Fish which they were offering with a nan bread for just £2.50. I mean that is just crying out to be given a whirl on another trip 🙂

So to find this place,

Chapatti Junction is located at 187-189 Radford Road in Hyson Green. It is on the corner where Selhurst Street meets Radford Road. It is pretty easy to get here on the tram as well, you can ride from town to The Forest stop and just walk around up the slight hill, or if you are coming into town on the Tram from the Hucknall side get off at the Hyson Green Market Tram Stop

Check them out too on their Facebook Page

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