Bang Bang Chicken from Hunger Foods at Nottingham Street Food Club

Hunger Foods were making their debut at Nottingham Street Food Club bringing us their take on ‘healthy fast-food’.  They had brought a simple menu with them serving up “Bang Bang Chicken”, “Steak and Chips”, and “Fish and Chips” or rather their healthier versions of them anyway. To be honest ‘healthy or unhealthy’ as long as it tastes good you know I am going to be interested  🙂

These guys can usually be found on Clinton Street where they have a Food Truck and they sell a ‘monthly international themed’ menu. This month it is going to be a North-American style, last month it was European with dishes like Spanish Chorizo Chicken, Italian Gnocchi, and Greek Salmon.  For street food club though they had created a one-off menu just for the Club which was nice as it means when I hit up the truck later I will get something new to try 🙂

I had the Bang Bang Chicken which was described simply on the menu as ‘Brazilian Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Samba Slaw Salad’ When I picked this, well to be honest I had only been interested in the chicken and had just expected the fries and slaw to be box fillers. I was wrong to think that though as everything in that carton was tasty and everything had earned it’s place flavour wise to compete for my attention.

There really was a lot of food in this box, I suppose you could say that there was plenty of ‘bang for you buck’, a quite intentional pun on the chicken 🙂 . It seemed to me that they had not made street food healthier by cutting the portion size which was a pretty good start.

I liked the Bang Bang Chicken, it was a little bit spicy but nothing to be scared of, it was flavoursome with hints of ginger, garlic and peanuts within the sticky sauce coating the meat. It was soft, moist, juicy and plentiful, nice! I actually quite liked the Sweet Potato fries, usually I am not a fan but these ones are really good. They were crisp, had a bit of a spicy coating and importantly (for me anyway) they were not too sweet. I ate all of them and that was a good sign.

Last but not least was the ‘Samba Slaw Salad’, this was also pretty good, and much better than the usual boring old coleslaw so many people seems to serve up. Here at Hunger Food they had done some excellent preparation and  cut the salad veg up really thin, small and consistently, so that you kind of almost have a non-rice, rice style side. The slaw was made up of white and purple cabbage,  carrot, and flat leaf parsley. I also thought that it had chive in it, but it turned out that was just a sprinkling scattered over the whole box as a garnish.

This was a really good carton of tasty food, nice chicken, decent fries and a jolly well done slaw. If all there food is like this then I will most certainly try them out again

Hunger Foods can be found on Clinton Street West, usually parked up at the back on the corner of Lincoln St and Thurland St between 11.45am and 2.30pm (Mon-Fri)

Check them out too on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram Profile

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