Vietcentric in Sneinton Avenues: Checking out the Pho

Vietcentric at Sneinton Avenues “is a Vietnamese cultural and event hub offering unique experience of authentic street food and cooking classes

I had walked by a few times and seen people inside learning about the food or eating it anyway and had also smelt the aroma’s wafting out of the kitchen and looked longingly in through the window

I had thought that this was just a cooking school and that you could only come on one of their ‘tours’ to try. Maybe I was lucky or maybe it was a just one of those days, but the next time I passed by the door was open with a board and it seemed that I could just pop in for lunch. So I did  


The menu looked great and I can imagine attending the food tour and getting to taste a bit of everything would have been a great experience.

Although I kind of knew already that I was going to be getting the Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup) I was tempted by the Thit nuong (BBQ Pork) in a Banh Mi and the Ga la chanh (Lemon Chicken Claypot) as well. Both sound good and I do love a Banh Mi and a Claypot


The Chicken noodle soup or Pho Ga to give the correct name was a rather delicately flavoured bowl of food. The stock was very light and not that ‘chickeny’ I was kind of expecting a bit more, there were notes of aromatics but it was quite restrained.

There was a lot of gently poached chicken breast floating about and plenty of wide noodles to suck up with gusto. The addition of the coriander and the chopped scallions helped a little as they steeped into the mix and I was looking for other condiments on the table to get it all a bit more exciting.

I guess that this was part of the learning curve and I was finding that this particular dish is a rather delicate one and the intensity of the flavours may be dependent on the region where the dish hails from

Perhaps I needed to go on the actual tour to learn more! Anyway as bowls of noodle soup go it was still rather enjoyable and surprisingly filling, I expect that is all the liquid 🙂

Vietcentric is located at Unit 16, Avenue B, Sneinton Market NG1 1DU

You can check them out through their Facebook page

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