Yarn Bar – Pizza, Beer, and Sunday Lunch

Yarn Bar is located inside the Theatre Royal and is one of the many and ever growing establishments being run by Castle Rock Brewery.

Food wise they have a small menu featuring mostly pizza and a few small plates. In the midweek at lunch you can get a pint and a sandwich for £7.95 and on the Sunday they offer a Roast Dinner.

Beer wise as you might expect they have a lot of great local beer and you will be happy with the choices on offer if you fancy a pint, trust me 😉

It might seem to be a bit of a strange place to visit, as I suppose it is really set up to service the people attending whatever shows are on at the Theatre that night. This means that it can be rammed one minute and dead the next.

The good thing is that however busy it is the staff are really well organised so I have never had an issue being served. Having said that maybe I have one of those faces and get served easily.

Beer at YARN BAr

On a Friday we quite like to pop in to Yarn for a beer at the start of an evening as it is a good location to meet up in town and also we kind of like that Castle Rock Brewery Beer.

They have all the classic range from the brewery on the bar, as well as a lot of really good guest beers too . Price wise it is not too bad for the location, with my Camra card I am getting a pint of pale for £3, down at the Vat and Fiddle that would be £2.80 so considering this is in the Theatre that is pretty decent (TBH that is just 20p off so still cheap for town 🙂 )

Pizza menu at Yarn Bar

Recently on a few occasions we have found the need for food and so have tried out some of their ‘Hand Rolled Pizza’. As pizza goes it is quite tasty, perhaps a bit pricey, but all things considered fairly tasty. I have tried them out a few times.

Beast Feast pizza at Yarn Bar

I checked out the“Beast Feast” which was described on the menu as being topped with ‘ham, pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushroom and mozzarella’.

There really is a lot of stuff piled onto this pizza, I wondered if there was too much as there didn’t seem to be enough space for everything and the base did seem to struggle to hold it all. That might be because the base is rolled very thin and it was not really crispy enough to pick a slice up very easily.

I liked the flavours of all the different bits and pieces, the chunky slices of mushroom are very ‘meaty’ and you could be forgiven for mistaking them for a cube of steak.

I liked the ham, I liked the cheese, and the sausage, it all tasted good. I did need a knife and fork to eat it properly though and I kind of think that pizza is finger food that you are supposed to just pick up and eat by the slice without utensils

Margherita pizza at Yarn Bar

After having splurged out on that Beast Pizza I was thinking I wanted to spend less so the next time we were here ‘eating’ I said lets just get the basic offering so we ordered the “Margherita ” which was listed as being ‘Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil’

That sounds pretty simple, and to be fair and to match expectations that was exactly what it was. Essentially it just a lot of gooey cheese on a tomato base with basil. There seemed to be a lot of oil all over this one so it was a little bit slippery.

As before the base could be a crispier and it was all a bit floppy. You either needed a knife and fork to eat this, or be really good at folding your pizza. Luckily for me I am quite proficient with both techniques and once I have had a pint or two I am basically just stuffing pizza down as I chat.

Sunday Dinner Menu at Yarn Bar

Each time we pop in on a Friday evening we keep on seeing the chalkboard advertising the Roast Dinner on the Sunday Lunchtime. We kept on talking about checking that out and it so happened that this weekend we met up again in that Part of town. Wonder what that might mean? 🙂

Roast Beef Striploin at Yarn Bar

My erstwhile Food hunting mate Martin took on the task of trying the Roast Beef Striploin. The plate was bigger that the photo suggests and the piece of meat is larger too. The verdict on the beef was that it was perhaps a bit well done, but I suppose not everyone likes their beef pink like we do.

A fair amount of vegetable, roasties and a Yorkshire pudding, topped off with lots of gravy was always going to be a good thing, I like a big pool of it on my plate myself and about 5 more roasties if I am honest.

I like the Yarn bar for getting a beer, I like the mix of people that are in there around show time when we have our favorite game of guess the show based on the type of people and the way they have dressed up. If I am honest I like it better when they have all gone and we have the place to ourselves, but that has more to do with liking to be able to hear myself talk, getting a nice table, and getting served quickly. Basically being a grumpy old so and so 🙂

Yarn Bar is located in the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall at 5 South Sherwood Street, Nottingham, NG1 5ND. It is apparently a collaboration between Castle Rock Brewery and the Theatre

Check them out also on their Twitter Feed , on their Facebook page, and on their Instagram Profile

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