Cafe at Hopkinson

Hopkinson Vintage, antiques and Art Centre by the Train Station in Nottingham is a great place to check out if you are in town, or just getting off the train to visit the city.

Not only is it an amazing place to hunt out interesting bits and bobs, but it also houses a lovely cafe and bar on the ground floor where you can grab a bite to eat, have a nice cup of tea, and if you are feeling thirsty get a nice cold beer

I have often popped in for a snack and here is just a few bites that I have enjoyed over a few visits


I do love a Tuna Melt, even ones that are basically tuna and cheese toasties! I picked one of the toasted sandwiches out of the cabinet at Hopkinson and they took it away to toast.

Thinking about it was that not just a sandwich that became a toasted sandwich. I mean I wouldn’t have picked up a slice of bread and thought it was uncooked toast . Anyhow digressing too much!

As toasties go this one was really good, I liked the filling with plenty of melted cheese on both sides of each slice with the cool tuna mayoesque layer between. Nice bread, well toasted with the marks from the grill charred into each slice.

It was also good to get some crisps to go with the sandwich, just like you get in the states where they call them ‘chips’ just to confuse the Brits.

As for the pickle skewered into the centre of the sandwich? I just chucked that to one side. I am sure someone liked them but they are just not for me. If nothing else it gave me two extra sentences to type.


I loved the funky pot that held my tea, I also liked that the pot contained at least three cups as well, even if that did mean I needed to find the lav before I left. At least I didn’t have to rush to the train wanting a pee. Really liked getting a Bourbon biscuit as well, always a bonus.


They have some really good looking cakes on the counter here at Hopkinson, this was a piece of Carrot Cake that we snagged. It was nice and moist and all the better thinking that somehow we had won the cake battle as we had the last slice in the cafe.


On an earlier visit I had ordered a Cheese Toastie which although simple enough in principle was a really good one as it had more than one type of cheese in it and was really gooey. I love it when you pull it apart with your teeth and you get get strands of cheese oozing out.

On that visit to Hopkinson I also had a bowl of soup, some sort of red pepper and tomato effort that was kind of rustic. There were still a few chunks of soft pepper floating about in the bowl. This went really well with the cheese toastie as well. I think that this is one for a cold day or a day that you just need a bit of a food comfort hug.

I like visiting Hopkinsons, some times they just have toasted sandwiches and cakes, sometimes I have snagged some soup. I know that they also sell beer but I have yet to spend an afternoon getting gently merry sitting in the sun outside. It is one of my plans though for the future!

Hopkinsons is located at 21 Station Street in Nottingham, NG2 3AJ it is quite close to the steps from the Tram at the station and the side entrance to the Trains

You can check the out as well on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Profile

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