Edwalton Coffee and Snack Bar: Checking out Breakfast and Brunch

Edwalton Coffee & Snack Bar on Earlswood Drive is located in the Post Office and takes over the space formerly occupied by The Tea Cosy Cafe and before that Chai and Coffee.

They are serving up a decent selection including Breakfasts, Cobs, Wraps, Sandwiches, Panini, Jacket Potatoes, Salads, Burgers, Tea, Coffee and Cakes. Basically all the usual Cafe suspects are on the menu and they also do an Afternoon Tea for 2

Breakfast Menu

As per usual my gaze gravitated towards the breakfast section of the menu where they was plenty to tantalize my thoughts. A Full English for £4.95 was the most likely winner for my attentions today, but my thoughts also pondered momentarily over the Eggs Benedict and the Eggs Royal which were also £4.95. Another day maybe.

The Full English was listed on the menu as being ‘Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Sausages, Bacon, Beans, Hash Browns, Eggs & Toast“. It did seem strange or maybe different to list the Tomatoes first, but I suppose they often get overlooked on the breakfast plate so maybe it was their turn.

Either way this was my choice, not a particularly unsurprising one to be fair given my blogging history in these sorts of establishments, but yet one to get an insight into how the food here would compare with other places on the blog.

Full English

The plate was all very neatly presented and everything on there was tasting pretty good. the bacon was really nice and crisp, the sausages were probably not the best quality ones, but I liked that they had been sliced in half and then cooked as it made them a lot tastier, all that extra bit of fried surface area I reckon.

As I started eating I was enjoying the way that everything had been seasoned with plenty of black pepper, things were looking good.

The Eagle Eyed of you may have noticed something missing from the plate? 🙂 The eggs had somehow gone astray but they arrived shortly, after a little prompting, from the kitchen.

Full English with Eggs

When they did arrive they were pretty much cooked to order as I liked them as I was prompting as they bubbled away in the pan, so if you have a glance and think that they are not cooked how you like, well they were exactly what I asked for. Soft yolk, just cooked lightly and not turned over, each to their own as they say. Not sure that you always get two eggs either, since once they had arrived they certainly dwarfed the plate

Overall value wise you really could not complain as £4.95 is a really excellent pricepoint. The plate wasn’t overloaded with food yet there was plenty there to fill me up, and enough to bring me back again for another visit.

The Sandwich section of the menu had also looked to be incredible value, as all sandwiches apparently came with French Fries and a Garnish of Salad, and almost all for just under £4.

I did have my eyes on the Club Sandwich, which was described as being with ‘Chicken, Bacon, mayo, Lettuce and Avocado’ for just £3.85. In end though I had a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (B.L.T) with fries for £3.95

B.L.T Sandwich

The contents of this sandwich were all fresh and nicely prepared, more of that crispy bacon that I had last time in my breakfast, plus fresh green salad and sliced cherry tomatoes in a lightly toasted seeded brown bread. It was a pretty good BLT.

There really were a lot of french fries piled onto the plate as well. Not really a side dish by any means and almost too many to eat. Luckily it seemed that my sandwich had somehow morphed into a Pac Man and looked like it was going to be busy helping me eat those fries!


Both time I have been in I asked for tea and was very happy to be given a proper pot which I got about two and a half cups out of, plus a nice chocolate chip cookie. When I had the sandwich it was just £6.10 with the cup of tea which you really cannot grumble about.

I still feel that I need more visits and not just because it is good value. Next time I fancy a Jacket Potato, probably with Chilli Con Carne as that is often a Cafe Default I seek out when hungry at lunch. Having said that, I just checked out the menu again and see that you can get Chips and Chilli Con Carne for £2.95 which seems to be a real bargain to me so maybe I’ll grab that 🙂

The Edwalton Coffee & Snack Bar is located at 38 Earlswood Drive in Edwalton, Nottingham and is inside the Post Office. You can check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram Profile as well

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  1. margaret o'neill says:

    I have been many times to the Edwalton coffee shop adjacent to the Post Office. I have never been disappointed – on the contrary, every time it has exceeded my expectations.

    The food is fantastic, really tasty, well cooked, and the menu can be altered to suit preferences. I am gluten intolerant, and nearly all meals can be made to suit my diet, for example, I would like to eat the wrap, but instead of the wrap I have chips, and the whole meal TASTES ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. The salads are fantastic, all ingredients very fresh and tasty. and it is hard to chose what to eat. The breakfasts are also excellent – the bacon is scrumptious and the mushrooms just melt in the mouth. The cakes are varied and tasty too.

    I cannot praise them highly enough; on a score of 1- 10 I would give them a 12!

    Those who have not yet been will certainly not be disappointed.

    I often meet up with my friends and family. I can reserve a table, and it is so much easier and pleasant to be able to sit down and talk, without having to prepare food and drinks. All I can say is Thank You and I think it is such an asset to have this Coffee Shop/Snack Bar so easily accessible.
    Parking is no problem, and my friends coming from town just have to catch the Number 6 bus to the terminus. Could not be easier.


    from Evelyn O’Neill, local Edwalton resident.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      That is so good to hear. I have also enjoyed eating there and it is nice to hear such good feedback from their customers. Great tip on the bus stop as well, I often forget that many people take advantage of the buses and I should add more info on my posts on how to get there.

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