Fish and Chip Friday at The Sir John Borlase Warren

The Sir John Borlase Warren lies up at Canning Circus in Nottingham. It is on the triangular island where the road splits into Derby Road and Alfreton Road and sits next door to the Falcon Inn where we recently scoffed a Sunday Lunch (read more here)

This Friday though we were here in search of some Fish and Chip action down the pub. Spoiler alert this was going to be one excellent find, so its worth reading on πŸ™‚

We were happy to find that the Fish and Chip Friday plan was off to a good start as right at the top of the Menu it listed “FISH AND CHIPS” for Β£9.95. I was even happier to see that the Fish of Choice here at the Sir John Borlase Warren is Haddock, which is my fave battered Fish and always choose that when I am down the Chippy

Fish and Chips

The Menu offered a “10 oz haddock fillet, crisp Marion beer batter, thrice cooked chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce“.

The Haddock Fillet was so good, pretty much one of the best bits of battered fish I have eaten down the pub for quite some time. To be honest I cannot actually remember a better bit of pub fish. The batter itself was perfectly crisp and crunchy. There was no sogginess and no bald patches. It was golden brown and was just a joy to eat.

Inside, the succulent thick flakes of Haddock were just how I had hoped, juicy and clean tasting. The portion size was great and even though it was a lot of food to contemplate, I was eating every single scrap of this fish make no mistake.

Haddock and Chips

Chips wise I really wasn’t sure what ‘thrice cooked’ was going to mean, I know that means cooked three times but I was hoping that didnt mean dried out or overdone. I need have had no fear as I was presented with a pile of evenly cut batons, all with a crisp outside and a soft pillowy filling.

They had hidden them under the fish, and so while you may have thought that there were not many on the plate, there were plenty enough. The truth was that the fish was so big it was like dwarfing them, I was actually thinking in my head that it was like when they get a crowd of people to hide behind one of those giant Redwood trees in California (well maybe not but you do know I have a somewhat overactive imagination πŸ™‚ )

My only small moment of sadness was at the size of my mushy pea portion, what I had was really nice but I would have loved about twice as much if I could have had it!

All in all though, this was a truly great plate of Fish and Chips and one that I will have in my mind when I am thinking of the best places to get a plateful down the boozer on a Friday night.

Real Ale

At The Sir John Borlase Warren they have an excellent selection of Real Ales to help wash down your Fish and Chips or whatever else you choose to scoff. I chose a pint of the local Dancing Duck Brewery beer, a Champion Beer of Britain in 2019. But they had plenty of other options from far and wide to make everyone happy πŸ™‚

Even though it is only a short walk up to Canning Circus from the Old Market Square, it does seem that sometimes we all forget just how good the pubs up here are. Now that I have reminded myself I will be up here more often and I will have to pop back this year to firstly eat more of that Haddock, but secondly I want to check out their Sunday Lunch too.

As well as that lest we forget, they do a decent pint so always a good spot to hit up for a beer

The Sir John Borlase Warren is located at 1 Ilkeston Road in Nottingham, you can check them out on their Facebook Page on their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram Profile

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