Pub Grub at Sir John Borlase Warren

The Sir John Borlase Warren up at Canning Circus is a great pub for a pint and along with it’s neighbours The Falcon Inn, The Good Fellow George and The Organ Grinder one of several in the near vicinity to make a good pub crawl

It was on one such beer bimble that we found ourselves here in dire need of some sustenance before things got out of hand. We perused the bar menu and somewhat unadventurously ordered Fish and Chips and Burger


The battered fish and chips was not as good as the last time I wrote about eating here (read more here) and I am not sure that I would recommend a special trip up here to try it.

The battered fish was a bit on the small side, batter a bit over cooked and fish a bit grey and wet inside.

The chips were ok once I added a bit of vinegar and some salt. I do prefer proper chips instead of the french fry type, but then my mate likes the thin ones so I guess its all about personal choice

The mushy peas were thick and claggy, probably the best bit of the meal as the sauciness held the rest of the meal in check and added some wet

Having said all that It was perfectly acceptable as a cheeky bar snack to fill a hole in between pints.


The burger and chips did look a bit basic when it arrived at the table. I liked that there was an absence of salad although some people probably do want a little green on the plate

The French Fries were the right chips to serve alongside this burger sandwich so were were much happier about them on this plate 🙂


The bread roll was thick but the burger inside was pretty juicy and lovely meat juices oozed out as you bit in to it.

The two large onion rings were in the way but once removed and laid down on the plate they did make a decent side dish.

As burgers go this one was nice and meaty, comforting to eat, but I suspect not winning many awards on instagram and lets be honest that is probably a good thing.

Again it did the job it was required to do on this pub crawl around the circus

The Sir John Borlase Warren is located at 1 Ilkeston Road in Nottingham and is pretty much easily found on the triangular island where the road splits into Derby Road and Alfreton Road

You can check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Profile

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