Breakfast at Cafe CChino in Sherwood

This last Sunday we found ourselves visiting Cafe Cchino while out bimbling around Sherwood looking half hardheartedly for a cup of tea and some sort of a bun.

I had originally had other plans looking for our more regular spots but both The Bakehouse and The Crimson Tree were closed

Luckily just across the road I spied a cafe situation which was Cafe Cchino, they were open and busy (but there were tables free). I spotted both cake and tea so we were in quick smart!


Normally I would continue the post with a chat about the menu and what we could have had before saying what we did order, but today lets cut to the chase and get straight into it

We all know by now that if there is a breakfast on offer that I am going to order it and today was to be no exception. The menu gave little away it just said “Large Breakfast” for £6.25 which sounded a bargain

When it arrived it was made up of Two Sausage, Two (and a bit) Bacon, Egg, Mushroom, Hash Browns, Beans and Toast

It looked the business and it was the business!


I often find myself disapointed with the quality of the bacon and the sausage when hunting down breakfast. Today it was to be a much happier experience.

My bacon was cooked well, crisped and rendered fat, lovely salty meaty thick slices and a hint of smoke to the tastebuds. The sausages were nicely browned, the meat inside of decent quality with just a gentle touch of herbiness.

I liked my hash brown it was a big whopper of one as well and almost as big as the slices of toast that came with the breakfast. It went well with the beans and mixed in with the egg yolk.


The menu at CChino starts of with the list of breakfasts but further down their is some more interesting brunch stuff. Quite a few people were having the Home Made Quiche with Salad and I have to say that it did look rather good.

The panini sandwiches were really quite decent as well, me Mam had one of the Sweet Chilli Chicken cheese panini and it was a really nice effort. Toasted under the press with plenty of filling and a simple side salad on the plate, all for just over 4 quid.

I came here looking for breakfast and I was very happy with what I found! Definitely will think about this place next time I am Sherwood looking for something to eat.

CChino’s are located at 652 Mansfield Road, NG5 2GA, Nottingham

You can check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram Profile

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