Mother Hubbards Fish and Chips

It’s Fish and Chip Friday so lets talk about the chippy action at Mother Hubbard’s in Beechdale. Located on the site of the former Beechdale Baths on the retail park, Mother Hubbard’s leapt onto the Chipshop scene in Nottingham back in January when they opened offering fish and chips for 45p.

Now that was just an opening offer but to be fair they still have exceptionally reasonable prices in comparison to the competition with a standard fish and chips under 10 quid. You can sit in, takeaway, and order on the usual delivery platforms.

It is nice inside so eating in is a good option and always feels like a treat and one up on the park bench or the passenger seat of my car in the car park.


I had the Regular Fish and Chips with a side of mushy peas. The actual Fish was huge, at the time I suggested that this was like more like Whale and Chips! This Golden Flaky Battered Beast filled the whole tray leaving little space for my chips!

On the site they say that ‘At Mother Hubbard’s we have our own unique batter mix which has been developed in house, allowing it to be cooked to perfection’

Sounds good, but was it? Well yes it was jolly good. I really liked the batter it was crisp and crunchy in the right places and covered the fillet without any thin gaps. One of the better coatings I have had for a while.

The fish inside was juicy, thick flaked, fresh and clean tasting. It was a large piece and every scrap was devoured with much gusto.

The chips were a bit hit and miss, some were great, some were a bit dry I think I might have been better at peak times when the fryer is pumping them out

I liked the mushy peas, they were thick and creamy but I would have liked a few more for my money.

Overall I liked the offerings from Mother Hubbard’s it wasn’t perfect but it was a really big portion and filled me right up.

The Fish was excellent and I would look forward to trying that again. Jury was out on the chips for me but my mate said his were really good so perhaps I am just getting a bit too fussy in my old age 🙂

This branch of Mother Hubbard’s is located at Unit 5, Beechdale Retail Park, Nottingham NG8 3LL

You can check the franchise out on their website, Facebook page and the Nottingham branch on their Instagram profile

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