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Everyday People on Byard Lane led by Pete Hewitt whom we all know from Masterchef and his excellent Homeboys StreetFood ventures is “Nottingham’s new ramen & small plates spot”

When they first opened the menu contained a lot of small plates but since they launched they seem to have taken a slight change in direction focusing on their Ramen Bowls

Now I do love a bowl of noodles so this was music to my tastebuds and I was intrigued to check out their Ramen and see if it matched the hype


Before my visit I had been under the impression that they only had a few ramen bowls on offer so I was really delighted to be presented with a menu featuring six different combinations all sounding delicious.

There was a lot to take in when reading the menu, to be honest it was a bit too much to get my head around so I ended up ordering a bowl of the Tan Tan mainly because it was Chicken and Pork πŸ™‚

I was happy to see that they also had the Corn Dog on the menu as I saw that on Instagram a while back and quite fancied trying one, so I ordered that too.


Officially the Tan Tan was listed as β€œRich Chicken & Pork Paitan soup, Spicy Sesame Tare, Thin Hakata noodle, Spicy mince pork, Pork collar chashu, spring onion, greens, chilli oil, marinated egg”

Overall it was an exceptional blend of flavours in the bowl, nothing was getting in the way of anything else tastewise

I really loved the crumbly spicy mince pork, and the soft slices of pork collar, there was just enough to maintain interest and not too much to takeover

I am a fan of an egg and the one in this bowl was perfect with a soft orange yolk, the greens were crunchy and the soup itself was rich, a little thick and almost creamy, with a nice level of heat.

The thin noodles were really well prepared perhaps I needed a few more which was an option on the menu (like getting an extra patty in your burger 🀣)

They were slippery little buggers to pick up with the chopsticks, I would like to try some of the other ramen dishes that have different noodles Tokyo and Hakata (not thin) to see if they are easier to fish out the bowl

Downsides? It was a bit messy to eat but at least I wore black so most of the spillages and dribbles went undetected 🀣🀣 perhaps I should have asked for a fork ! πŸ€” and you may ask why I didn’t? Well there were quite a few families with young kids all managing fine with their chopsticks so I battled on instead of swallowing my pride πŸ€ͺ.

I really did love this bowl of ramen and it has me quite excited to return and try more of the menu


So the second bite to talk about (which was my first) was that Corn Dog which was truly excellent as well.

Described on the menu simply as β€˜Smoked beef Frank, mozzarella, Gochujang, Kewpie, Honey mustard’

This bite takes your fairground corn dog to another level. Mustard and Ketchup meet their match with the Gochujang, Kewpie and Honey mustard.

The dog itself is excellent and the cheesy chewy pull from the molten mozzarella just pushes it over the top, its messy, it’s fun and it tastes fantastic

It was one of those bites of food that you remember long after you ate it and one that I will associate with Everyday People and compare to whenever I eat one again elsewhere

I could easily eat several of these and on another visit will be tempted to do just that πŸ€©πŸ˜‚

Everyday People really did surpass my expectations, I really wanted to believe all the hype so I was really delighted to find it was true, such excellent tastes and flavours in both the dishes that I chose to eat.

The menu really does have a lot of great sounding stuff on it and I can easily find myself back again to try more of the ramen bowls and certainly for another corn dog.

Price wise not sure what to say. For a small plate, ramen bowl and a beer it cost me just under £30 which was more than I expected when I walked through the door but for the meal I got I thought was fair enough Perhaps not for Everyday like my lunchtime packet ramen 🀣

Next time I will have to be more adventurous picking a ramen combination outside of my normal comfort zone. I have every faith that it will be equally delicious πŸ€©πŸ˜‚

Everyday People are located at 12 Byard Lane, Nottingham, NG1 2GJ and open Wednesday to Sunday.

You can check out the menu online at their website and you can drool over the specials and food on their Instagram profile and on their Facebook page

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