Royal Sweets in Hyson Green: Curries, Samosa, Naan and Pakora and more

Royal Sweets in Hyson Green is a great place to grab a takeaway, they have a fantastic counter filled with trays of curries and rice dishes. It is also one of our favourite places in Nottingham for getting a samosa.


Whenever I am over that way getting my herbs, spices, and produce from Medina or Shariff & Sons I make a point of heading up the road to grab a samosa for a quick snack from Royal.


They have lamb samosa and vegetable samosa and both are just as good as each other, I do like the lamb one better though as it is packed with crumbly lamb mince and peas all enveloped by the crispy and flaky pastry casing.


Whenever we visit we have checked out the counter which is laden with trays of curries and rices, all of which look so fresh and are all so tempting.

They have a deal where you can get a curry and naan (or roti) for about 6-7 quid depending on what you choose. Before COVID you would see people eating inside with great big platefuls but at the moment it is takeout only

We always thought about getting some of the curries to takeaway and try, so today when grabbing our cheeky samosa snack we finally relented to temptation and bought some.


I never really know if it is a good idea or even a good picture to post the contents of a takeaway container on the blog. I kind of like this picture though as it has that look of two trays of curry that you just know are going to be good.

The sauce or gravy is thick and has all the fresh spice leaves floating around in it, chunks of meat and chicken bob around in and amongst it all and it is so tempting to fish one or two out before heating it all back up


Once I started heating each curry up in a pan I got a good idea of just how much chicken and lamb were in each portion, Quite generous I felt, sometimes it is all sauce with just a few cubes but these ones from Royal Sweets were basically packed out with meat


You really cannot fault the quality and the freshness of the food from Royal Sweets in Hyson Green. It is such great value and so so tasty. On our last visit we ended up with this plateful filled with Lamb and Chicken Curry, Vegetable Pakora, and a freshly cooked naan bread.

The meat in the lamb curry was really tender and fell apart as you forked your way through it, you could shred it easily and there was not a hint of toughness. The sauce was thick and creamy, slightly spicy and almost like a saag dish with a bit of green mixed in.

The Chicken curry was a nice simply spiced effort, lots of thigh meat and what I would call proper chicken not just dry chunks of chicken breast like many places serve you.

The sides accompanying the curry are excellent too, the pakora is one of my favourite things to order, crisp, large and perfect alongside the curry adding that much needed vegetable element *well it all counts doesn’t it towards your 5 a day 🙂

I like that they cook your choice of naan or roti freshly when you order and if you can get them home quick enough they still have that lovely doughy aroma wafting out of the bag and they are so good for mopping up the curry gravy. Its a winning addition to any meal you order from here.

All in all as you can read, it makes for a great plate of food and a thoroughly enjoyable meal.


Royal Sweets is located at 56 Gregory Blvd, Nottingham NG7 5JD just a few steps from the crossroads with Radford Road. You can park up at the Forest park and Ride which is about 5 minutes walk away or get the tram to the same park getting off at the Forest Tram Stop

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