Lombardo’s Lasagne – You need to try a slice of this!

Lombardo’s Lasagne aka Alessandro & Ashleigh are serving up the best Lasagne I have tasted and eaten for a long time in Nottingham and perhaps anywhere else.

On their website they implore us to “Discover the real and authentic taste of Italian Lasagne” so we Did!

Honestly if you like Lasagne? Well their Homemade slices are a Game Changer! I will find it hard to eat any other slice now without thinking about Lombardo’s

I tracked them down to Bingham where they were selling out of their Lasagne Trailer, but you can order from them too online for delivery if you live in NG1 to NG7.

They sell at other Markets as well, like the Barton Bros Garage in Chilwell on Sundays, and they keep the locations up to date on their website and Instagram profile if you want to find them.


We had ordered in advance to collect asking for a slice of the La Classica (slow cooked ragu & bechamel) and a slice of the La Romana (extra ragu & bechamel) just in case they had run out before we got to the market.

I was glad that we did when we saw that some of the other items were already sold out on the Menu Board and as there was a lot of people standing around waiting to order.

I could have been tempted to try the Boscaiolo which the Chalkboard listed as ‘Sausage, Mushroom & Bechamel‘ but that was all gone. The website had more eloquent prose on this slice describing it as “Flavours of the Forest – fresh sausage, mushrooms, spinach, homemade bechamel, mozzeralla, Italian parmesan”

I would also be keen to check out the Diavola (Spicy Sausage, Nduja & bechamel) on another day which they describe as “The Devil Itself – fresh paprika sausage, spicy salami, ‘nduja, homemade bechamel, mozzerealla, Italian parmesan” alas also sold out on the day.

OK though who was I kidding, two slices is more than enough to check out the Lasagne, and I know I could pick up some others to try next time πŸ™‚


The slices of Lasagne from Lombardo’s are very generous, much larger than I was expecting. I mean they did say that they would ‘feed one’ but these could probably be shared if you wanted to, well if you had chips, garlic bread and salad as well πŸ™‚

They come in a nice recyclable package that you can microwave, but we wanted to heat them up in the oven so popped into an oven tray instead.


Once cooked it was hard to make the time for a photo before diving in to eat (I did manage to though, just so that each slice could have it’s moment in the spotlight before we demolished them πŸ™‚

I was so happy to see that the slices kept their shape and didn’t fall apart like some lasagne can do when cooked. These reminded me so much of the slices from the Italian deli counters in the states that we used to enjoy.

Anyway Lasagne time, we shoved Garfield out of the way and made our choice, which was to have half of each slice! I mean you have to don’t you?

I liked both a lot, I loved that each one had multiple layers of pasta, at least 5 possibly 6. In between each was a thin layer of sauce and meat, a lot more restrained from the efforts we often make at home where it ends up being mostly sauce.


The La Classica is described as “Original Sunday Italian Taste – ragu bolognese, homemade bechamel, mozzerella, Italian parmesan” and this one held itself up as a real classic. There was just enough ragu to lend that meatiness, and enough cheese in the sauce to add creaminess to each forkful. I liked that there was a light and delicate hint of nutmeg in the toppings


The La Romana was described as being “Ideal for Meat Lovers – extra ragu bolognese, extra mozzeralla, Italian Parmesan’ and it was ‘ideal’ indeed as I do love the meat in my Lasagne. I will be honest though and say that more meat and more cheese seemed to take away that gentle flavouring that we found in the bechamel of the La Classica slice.

I would not have known that though if I had not eaten them side by side, and if I was choosing which one to have more of? Well them most likely it was going to be the meaty one!


In reality one slice was probably enough to share if you have a big side salad. It might not have been as satisfying for your soul so I would recommend accepting that you will be pleasantly full when you eat a whole slice by yourself. I mean who needs that salad anyway?

However, having just said that Lombardo’s do have several salads on offer that you may want to choose to add to your order and if you also choose to get a pudding as well, in all probability you may well want one of their Tiramisu then you may think again.

Or….Just get a slice and eat it all by yourself in a bowl, with a glass or two of red wine in the dark watching netflix. That works too πŸ™‚

“Located in Nottingham, Lombardo’s is a fresh and homemade Lasagne Delivery Service”

Lombardo’s Lasagne can be ordered through their website and as noted up top they do delivery at the moment in NG1 to NG7 postcodes. They are also popping up at various Markets in and around Nottingham so to track down the schedule for some face to face acquisition of Lasagne you can check out the Events page on the website, or check out their Instagram Profile and Facebook Page.

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