Number Sixteen in Bingham: Breakfast Cob in the Market

Number Sixteen in Bingham is a Cafe restuarant located on the corner of the market place right in the heart of the town.

On their website they tell us ‘We pride ourselves on our freshly made to order food. Freshly made does mean it take us a bit longer but we are sure it’s worth the wait

Sound good to me, I am happy to wait to get something good made freshly 🙂

At the moment they are open for takeaway hot drinks and sandwiches but under normal circumstances (whatever those once were) they serve small plates and main meals inside the bistro

Today though we were perusing the delights of the Take Away menu to see what we could have for lunch as we wandered around the Farmers Market in the Square.


I was picking my way through the various breakfast / brunch options, basically I was looking for a Bacon Cob or the like.

My Choice was the No. 16 breakfast cob – “Clive Lancaster’s pork sausage, bacon, fried egg, hash-brown on a granary or white roll for £6.95″.

I wasn’t really that bothered about having a hash-brown, but I kind of wanted sausage and bacon. It was a bit of a no brainer really when you checked out the other options and saw that it was £5.95 for egg and bacon or sausage and bacon.


I had picked this one as it talked about the locally made sausages from Clive Lancaster’s which is the butchers just across the square in Eaton Place and if I am honest because it was the one with the most stuff in.

I usually like a sandwich where you get a bit of everything in each bite but this one was set up a bit differently so that it was almost a breakfast progression as you ate it. The Hash Brown and the sliced up sausages were at each end of the cob, the bacon draped over them as the next layer with finally the fried egg perched on top of the whole stack.

I kind of liked having a bite of crispy hash brown and egg as my first mouthful, and then a bit of herby pork sausage and bacon with my next bite. It was more like the way I eat around a breakfast plate at home.

The verdict was that this was an excellent breakfast cob, I enjoyed all four of the items inside my roll and liked the soft white bread as well. I will be having another one of these next time I visit the market on a Saturday.

I hope that soon(ish) I will be able to sit inside to eat a cooked breakfast on a plate, but that will be another day and another story 🙂


Apart from the ‘Breakfasty’ options you can pick up some classic sandwich rolls from off the Takeaway menu. I would happily have eaten one of their “Tuna and Cheese Melts” or the “Rump Steak with ‘mushrooms, onions, melted cheesed& mustard mayo’

It is also worth keeping up with or checking out their social feeds as I spotted that they were offering a Meatball Marinara Melt via their Instagram Profile one weekend. If I had been around I would have quite fancied taking on the undoubtedly messy option of “Chefs homemade meatballs in a Marinara sauce with melted mature Cheddar cheese in a hot ciabatta roll”

As it was though, as well as that Breakfast Roll, we also picked up one of their Pork Cobs


The cob was described as “Pulled pork cob with homemade stuffing & apple sauce on a granary or white roll for £4.95″

It was all quite simple and also all quite good. Lots of tender juicy shredded pork and a nice bit of stuffing on a soft white buttered cob. Just what you need after a little bimble around the market.

Number Sixteen is located at 16 Market Place in Bingham. You can check them out on their website and also on the usual social channels like their Facebook Page, and their Instagram Profile

At the moment they are only able to offer a takeaway service, but under normal times they do have a dine in option which sounds pretty good! I picked out the ‘Grilled Seabass Fillet – Topped with lime and chilli butter, served with Parmentier potatoes, chorozo, roast cherry tomatoes & wilted spinach’ as one to dream about for after lockdown.

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  1. Looks like a good breakfast cob though the pork one looks excellent too. How are you keeping? Give my regards to your mother. 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Was a really good cob (both of them), Mother had the pulled pork cob so doing well thanks. Hope you both ok too

      1. Yes, we are muddling through thanks. Both vaccinated now. 🙂

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