Pizza at Das Kino

Das Kino in Nottingham lies alongside the tram line near to the Lace Market Tram stop on Fletcher Gate. It is probably best known as a place where you can play table tennis and get a drink, in fact the tagline on their website sums it up nicely when it says ‘Das Kino – Pizza, Ping Pong & Good Times’

I haven’t been in here for ages, actually probably not since Oscar & Rosies left in about 2015. That seems a long time ago now! Anyhow this week we were wandering around town looking for a pub that we could get into without having to book and where we could get some food.

I remembered that this place still did pizza so we took a chance and headed up to see if we could get in. We were in luck and we could, which is handy as otherwise this blog post would essentially have been about nothing

It was also a pretty good shout as when we got in we found that they were doing a 2-4-1 Pizza offer before 7pm during the week, so if nothing else we were getting a good deal on the food


I had the Big Lebowski pizza which was the meatiest combination of toppings that I could find. ‘Bacon, Chicken, Onion, Jalapenos, Sausage, and Pepperoni’ on a Tomato base.

I wasn’t sure that I really wanted a spicy pizza but figured out that if needed I could just pick the chiles off if it was too hot!

Overall it was a good sized pizza and did the job of filling me up and also mopping up the extremely strong cocktail that I had been provided with. There was a lot of stuff on the pizza, perhaps a little bit too much as it kind of fell apart a bit as I tried to pick a slice up. I ended up doing the pizza fold so that I could get a bite of everything without dropping too much.

I liked the pizza well enough as part of that deal but didn’t really pick up much flavour from the toppings and the base was a bit soft for my liking. Luckily the jalapenos was not too hot and actually may well have been the best bit on the pizza as it gave a little pop and crunch when I got one in a bite


Alison my Partner in Crime on this MyFoodHunt trip had The Zoolander which was a one of their vegetarian offerings. This pizza was topped with ‘Caramelised Onion, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Spinach’

Structurally this one seemed better as it was not as overloaded so was easier to eat, it was declared to be pretty tasty but a bit on the sweet side for some reason. The balsamic drizzle and the onions which were almost jam like kind of took over.

It all got eaten anyway and seemed a pretty decent vegetarian effort and combination

The Pizza sign in the window still says Louis Louis which was the pizza that followed on from Oscar and Rosies, but I am not sure that Louis is still here, it may be just Das Kino Pizza now

All in all I would say that the pizza were good value if you had that 2-4-1 deal as that ends up being 10 or 12 quid for 2 pizza depending on which ones you chose. It’s not the most amazing pizza but it was still worthy of a mention and I kind of like the place as well, so I was happy enough to be here eating pizza and drinking cocktails.

Das Kino is located at 22 Fletcher Gate in Nottingham, NG1 2FZ you can check them out on their website, and on their socials Instagram Profile and Facebook Page

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