Stackd Burgers Co. – The Archie – Stack’d Blue burger

Stack’d Burger Company are one of the latest Smash Burger purveyors to hit the streets of Nottingham. I met them at The Nottingham Street Food Club over the weekend where they are going to be for a few weeks (hopefully longer)

Currently also part of they are described as ‘Independant burger slingers, using quality ingredients to create smashed burgers and naughty stacks of juicy goodness

With a tagline like that you really cannot resist the temptation to check them out!


The Archie – Stack’d Blue burger from Stackd Burgers is a “Triple minced smashed steak burger” topped with Stilton blue cheese, chilli jam, pink pickled onions and salad in a brioche bun.

The actual burger patty is immense, really juicy, full of flavour, really good grind on the mince and it was pefectly charred all over having been smashed down on the grill plate.

The Stilton cheese was dripping all over the burger and although I am not usually a fan of the blue cheese I did not mind the slightly powerful hit on this particular burger. I think that was because it was nicely countered by the sweet chilli jam and the tart tang from the pinkled onions.

The crisp salad items cooled everything down well and it was good to see the lettuce in its correct position on top of the bottom bun where it stops the bread getting soggy. You could tell that the salad was really fresh and I really appreciated that

The bun mostly managed to stay intact for the whole scoffing session which I was happy about as I find a great burger has to have excellent structural integrity. If it falls apart or I need to use a knife and fork it is an epic fail, but in this case the Stackd burger was an epic success

I said it at the time and I will say it again, this is the Best Smashed burger I have had for a while in town. I really am looking forward to trying some more combinations from the guys at Stackd


Check them out at Street Food Club (if you are quick) and see what they are up to on their Facebook Page, and their Instagram Profile

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