Pub Food at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

We took a stroll up to the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem this evening to grab a pint and get some food. It was a nice evening and even though we are now allowed to go back inside to eat, I felt happier outside in the fresh air.

The bonus for me was that as I wanted a pint of real ale I could order straight from the bloke serving the tables and thus avoided having the pain of trying to use the app. I had only just walked out of Fothergills up the road because it was all too darn complicated. Perhaps one day I will look back and laugh about it but at the moment it is a major decision in whether I will frequent a place or not. App too hard then no.

For the record I had a pint of Shipstones, for the continued record I actually had three but who was counting anyway. Alison had a cider so had to use the app, which actually was quite easy and worked well here at the Trip. That was useful as we then used it to order some food. Much easier than other places and we were much happier 🙂


Not that I was planning at the time to eek out some sort of blog post from this foray down the pub but I did make the effort to order something different just in case I did.

Often I end up getting Fish and Chips, a Pie, or a Burger when I come here, but just recently I have developed a penchant for a slightly lighter plateful and Scampi seems to have become a bit of a new regular choice.

Today that was to be the “Whitby Scampi” which came with garden peas, tartare sauce and triple cooked chips for £9.79.

I quite enjoyed the plump juicy langoustine tails tucked away inside that crisp crumbed coating. I had more than I expected and I really had to force the last few down.

I am not sure how cooking these chips three times would have made any difference, but as pub chips go they were fairly decent and I did appreciate the slightly crispier coating around the hot soft potato inside. I would rather have had chippy chips though 🙂

All I can say about the peas is that there was a lot of them and I was reminded of the Spitting Image sketch with John Major as I made the effort to eat them all. The tartare sauce helped to keep them stuck to the fork and I am convinced that is often the only benefit of tartare sauce at the pub.

Would I eat this again, well yes actually despite attempting to drawl out some feint comedy regarding the chips and peas I probably would.


Alison had more or less exactly the same meal only instead of Scampi she was having some sort of Battered Halloumi for £9.99 which also came with peas, tartare sauce and triple cooked chips .

Don’t ask I have no idea either but as a Vegetarian meal at the pub it did look fairly harmless to me. I mean who can complain about some fried stuff in batter with chips and peas?


I do like that they have a wide selection of real ales at the Trip to Jerusalem. We can be a bit fussy so often end up leaving empty handed if they don’t have any of our favorites on.

At the moment we are always on the lookout for a pint of Shipstones. Since the pubs reopened I have been lucky 5 out of 6 times 🙂

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is probably one of the most famous pubs in Nottingham and it certainly has it’s charms with all of the history and mystery that surrounds the place.

Food and Drinks wise it is run by Greene King Brewery so you are going to get a lot of Pub Chain food and as long as you are not looking for anything too fancy or perhaps just want something reasonable priced to fill yourselves up you can’t go too far wrong coming here for a pint and a bit of pub grub

Bonus points for having an app that was actually fairly easy to use and also for the excellent and speedy service from all the team working there at the moment. It’s tough times but they all had a smile and were happy to chat away

Located at Brewhouse Yard in Nottingham in the shadows of the Castle Rock (NG1 6AD). If you get lost looking for it just ask any passer by and most likely they will point you in the right direction, us Notts folk are kind like that, I have even walked a few lost tourists here just because it seemed like a decent excuse to get a pint.

You can check them out on their website

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