Sando Loco at Nottingham Street Food Club

Sando Loco based out of East Leake are one of the latest street food vendors to emerge onto the Nottingham street food scene over the past year.

Describing themselves as purveyors of “International Street Food Sandwiches” they have been delivering and cooking up a whole load of deliciousness between two bits of bread, burger buns, bao, toast and the such like

They have recently been installed in the Nottingham Street Food Club over the last month and we took our chance on a couple of weekends to check them out and sample a bit of their food


 Sando Loco were offering two different bao buns the first time we visited, one was a Tofu based combo but we chose this Bao that was filled with Bulgogi braised beef shin, Gochujang Mayo, Vietnamese Pickles, coriander and sesame

A really good combination of flavours and textures, lovely fluffy bun, plenty of tasty soft beef, hint of spice from the mayo and a bit of crunch and freshness from the pickles and coriander

Really very good indeed.


Instead of fries we got our spud fix from their Tornado potato, which was essentially a twisty spiral with wild garlic Mayo, crispy garlic and Parmesan

Not only is it a lot of fun but it also tastes really good as well. It is almost like a soft crisp kebab on a skewer. The best bits were the crunchy crisp garlic bits and the cheese mixed with the mayo

I could eat about five of these at least in one sitting


On a different weekend they were offering a Patty Melt, which in my mind is essentially a lightly toasted cheeseburger sandwich and actually one of my all time favourite sandwiches.

I was quite excited to come and try this dish and was happy to find that this version lived up to my hopes. It was really tasty, well balanced and contained burger and cheese so lets be honest was going to be hard not to like 😎

Officially it was billed as “Dry aged Bulgogi beef patty with Gochujang burger sauce, red cabbage, pickled and American cheese “👍❤

T️he bread was lightly toasted and the filling fitted inside really well with no risk of spillage. The actual burger patty part was excellent, little bit of spice and a nice crumbly texture. The mix of pickled cabbage and sauce was a little less pronounced that I expected. It was a bit sweet and salty, but quite restrained so it was enjoyable and did not over power the palate.

I have to say that I did enjoy the mixing in of the molten American cheese which although I worried was going to be a strange bedfellow was actually a really good companion. I would have liked a lot more but I know that they were being restrained to keep the blend just right


Seeing as how Sando Loco are all about those sandwiches we felt that we really has to get a Chicken Sando as well. Not through gluttony, just for research purposes 🙂

The Chicken Sando was billed on the menu as “Crispy free range chicken breast, red cabbage kimchi, pickled cucumber and hoisin sauce”

I really liked the chicken and the mix of flavours but I thought the bread struggled to hold it all together. I figured that was forgivable after all a big sandwich always overflows perhaps though thinking about it, it needed something in the fillings to kind of glue it all together.

Sando Loco were at Nottingham Street Food Club for the last few weeks and hopefully they will do another stint here either at the club or down at the Sneinton Avenues.

You can sometimes find them at the East Leake Friday Night village market and I saw that they were going to be at the Ruddington Village market soon too.

To check out what, when and where keep your eyes on their Instagram Profile, and Facebook page, Instagram seems to be the most up to date.

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