Chuckys46 Pop up Burger Kitchen at the Keans Head

Last week we popped into the Keans Head pub by St Mary’s Church in the Lace Market for a couple of pints of the excellent beer from Castle Rock Brewery.

Outside was a chalkboard talking about Burgers from a place called Chuckys’@46 so we asked what was going on and found out that Chuckys had been using the kitchen during lockdown and were continuing to use it now that the pub was open again.

Chuckys @46 are offering a delivery and takeway service so I made a mental note to order some midweek for my lunch to check them out


I ordered The Standard Cheeseburger that was described on the menu as

7 oz scotch steak mince patty freshly smashed on the grill topped with american cheese on a bed of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and house mayo” they go on to say ‘…28 days aged scotch aberdeen angus beef mince smashed to order” and that it is served in a brioche bun and fries.

You could upgrade your side to all sorts of loaded fries tuff like ‘Chilli Cheese Fries‘, ‘Chicken Bacon Ranch fries‘ even ‘Crispy Fries with Egg’ but I just kept it simple getting ordainary fries

I have to say that the fries were both bountiful and very good. I was really surprised just how many there were and how well they had made the delivery journey


It is hard to make a burger look that pretty when it comes to you by delivery so as anticipated this one didn’t look quite like the pictures online. The burger patty poking out the side though did look pretty tempting and the slight ooze of cheese that I could glimpse got my juices flowing

As Cheeseburgers go this one was quite satisfying to eat, I got a lot of joy from the juicy burger patty and the molten cheese sauce inside the bun. The lettuce and tomato were mostly hidden inside the soft brioche bun but were certainly there in each bite

It was a most enjoyable experience and I would happily order one of these again. Shame that the delivery services make it more expensive that I would choose to want to pay for lunch on a regular basis.


I normally am not keen on a brioche bun but this one was remarkably good, lightly toasted on the cut sides and soft and pillow like inside.

I actually liked that it was really a bit too big for the burger as that meant that everything stayed inside the bun just like it should and that you could eat it properly with two hands without everything falling out!

Chuckys46 are a pop up kitchen based at the Keans Head Pub. They do take out and delivery service but looking on their instagram they suggest dine in, so maybe you can order, collect and just sit and eat in the pub?

Not sure anyway I ordered through ubereats and was quite pleased with the speed of service but yeh would have loved one on a plate straight from the kitchen.

You can check them out on their Instagram profile

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  1. Alex says:

    There is now an Indian restaurant called Paajis at the Keane’s Head. Worth a visit.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Thanks I know I saw that when I was there. The menu looked good 👍

  2. The words “American Cheese” always cause me concern. 🙂

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