Umai Oriental Street Food Cafe: Checking out the Meal Deal

Umai Oriental Street Food Cafe is located in the back of the Oriental Mart at the Hydrogen Building next to the tram stop by the Theatre Royal.

It is a really fantastic spot to pick up some Asian streetfood and they have some really good deals too

On their website they say

We serve some of the best Asian street food and bubble tea such as rice bowls, noodles, dim sum, gyozas (pan fried dumplings) and steamed baos.

Our menu includes a selection of some of the most popular street foods picked from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. “

I first blogged about this place in 2018 not that long after they had opened (read more here).

I really enjoyed it back then and today we were back to see what they are up to now. Since 2018 they have won Good Food Awards in 2019-2021 so things were looking like they were going well


We were planning to share a few dishes so the meal deal menu seemed like the best option.

I really wanted the Gyoza (or ‘Potstickers’ as I call them) so I was looking at Deal 4 of Noodles and five Gyoza for £7.50

We also wanted some dumplings so we also picked from Deal 3 which was a Rice Bowl with six Dumplings for £7.

So the order was ‘Yakisoba Noodles with Pork and the Chicken & Veg Gyoza‘ plus a ‘Korean Chicken Curry Rice Bowl and 6 Siu Mai (steamed pork dumplings)’


The Korean Chicken Curry Rice Bowl is pretty much as described on the menu. A bowl of soft white rice topped with a ‘Korean style mild curry with chicken’.

The actual curry was a quite thick gravy filled with chunks of chicken and carrot. It was really very mild but also kind of comforting to eat.

Alongside the curry was a side of thinly sliced lettuce topped with mayo, I suspect that it was Kewpie mayonnaise purely as I could see some on the oriental store shelf next to the cafe. It is quite creamy and has a little bit of a tang

I only really had a taste of this bowl as I was having the noodles, but I did quite like it and would order myself a bowl on another visit


The Siu Mai Steamed Pork Dumplings were really very good indeed. I loved these and could have easily eaten another trayful.

They are quite meaty and solid, you basically get a lovely pork taste as you bite in and they were quite juicy.

The dumpling wrapping around the meat just hold them together but has that slippery texture that makes then so easy to eat


I had chosen the Yakisoba noodles as that was in the meal deal with the Gyoza and also I do really love a noodle.

The menu describes these as “Stir fried soba noodles in a tangy sweet sauce with pork and cabbage

These did look quite good when they arrived and the description was about right, the pink pickles were certainly quite tangy and sharp. I wasn’t sure what the green stuff was it didn’t really look like cabbage but I ate it all anyway.

You didn’t get that much pork but the bits I did get were quite well seasoned and had that tangy sweet taste that was promised

I did like the texture of the noodles, quite easy to suck up but a bit tricky and slippery to pick up with the chopsticks. Fortunately I had brought my own fork and spoon so I ate them like I eat spaghetti


I also totally love the Gyoza that they serve here at the Umai Oriental Street Food Cafe and have them every time that I visit.

They are just like the potstickers that I cherish so much and are perfectly cooked

. A good crispy sear on the bottom where they stick to the pan and lovely soft wrapper for the rest of the dumplings where it has been cooked by steaming.

It doesn’t really matter what filling you have but I had the Chicken and Veg, I kind of like pork but these were just as good

Since my first visit the menu has really expanded and they have a lot to choose from. The meal deals are really good value and are well worth considering if you want to try a few things.

It was very popular over lunchtime and there was a bit of a wait as they were cooking and steaming everything to order. I didn’t mind though as it was worth it

Umai Oriental Street Food Cafe is located at the Hydrogen Building inside the new Orientalmart, in Nottingham City Centre opposite the Theatre Royal.

You can check them out on their website and also on Facebook and Instagram

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