BANQUET 1415 at Streetfood Club

Banquet 1415 , ‘a self sustainable, evangelistic, food trailer‘ were at Nottingham Street Food Club over the weekend serving up their Argentinian BBQ.

I had seen them out and about at various events in Nottingham but had not eaten their food before so when we saw them in the Victoria Centre Streetfood location on Sunday we took the opportunity to try them out.


We ordered one of the El Chori plates (an argentinian style sausage on chips), one of the Parripollo plates (boneless chicken thigh on chips) and a portion of empanadas filled with ham and cheese.

These seemed to be the best of all the options off the menu and a decent combination, I love a bit of sausage and a bit of chicken and also a bit of pastry action. The three dishes costing £22 (£8, £8, and £6)


The El Chori seemed to be a decent enough portion with a fair amount of sliced sausage covered with the chimichurri, a nice herby salsa flavoured with parsley, oregano, garlic and paprika.

I liked the combinations of flavours in the salsa mixed with the solid sausage, I kind of thought that the Chori sausage was a Chorizo one in Argentina but not sure if that was quite what this one was though. Still it did taste nice and I really enjoyed the garlic and paprika components

It was all laid out on a bed of crispy french fries and in the end was really fancy loaded fries.


Portion wise the three empanadas was very generous and we only managed one each. They were not quite what I was expecting as empanadas I have had before we more like little pasties. These one seemed to be baked and fried, or at least that was what they looked like.

Inside there was a lot of gooey cheese and bits of ham, and it was very messy and a bit hot when you bit in. Flavour wise it was a bit bland after having taken several mouthfuls of the salsa with the El Chori so maybe it was not the best option to go with that dish as a side.


There was certainly a lot chicken in this plate and the chicken thigh was nicely crisped. It was hard to enjoy a lot of the chicken though as there was a lot of saltiness in the seasoning. I suppose that it depends on what you like but we found it to be just a bit much.

The chosen salsa was the Criolla described as ‘a tasty fresh salsa made with bell pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and coriander’ It was fresh and did try to counter balance the seasoning of the chicken. As with the other plate there were plenty of chips and overall quantity wise it was a decent portion.

In the end it was a bit of a mixed affair, I really liked my El Chori sausage with the chimichurri topping and would happily eat that again. I wasn’t as keen on the Paripollo though but I suppose you can’t win them all.

I would be interested to see what else they have on offer if I cross paths again with them when out and about on a MyFoodHunt

Banquet 1415 is one of the ministries of YWAM Forge in Nottingham and you can check out them out on their Facebook page and Instagram profile.

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