Lunch at Kurna Chata: Fabulous homemade specials to delight

A few weeks back I was checking out the Polish Hot Dog at Kurna Chata (read more here), while we were there we found that they have daily lunch specials so we made a pledge to come back and try them.

Each day they post on their Facebook page what the daily offer is and it is always is a fantastic looking homemade meal.

We have been twice (so far) and both times have been blown away with just how good the food is.

Lets have a look at what we have eaten so far:


The soup of the day on our first lunchtime special outing was “kartoflanka z lanymi kluskami” which translates as ‘polish potato soup with pour noodles

It was a very light broth with lots of freshly chopped herbs, (mostly parsley) it seemed that there were plenty of vegetables mostly carrot and potato in the bowl as well as the ‘pour noodles’. So it was a really wholesome bowlful


I dug my spoon into the bottom of the bowl to show the pour noodles and the vegetables that were lurking beneath the surface.

I didn’t know what a ‘pour noodle’ was before I started eating this soup, it turned out that they were like little dumplings.

I really liked them and they bulked up the soup as more of a meal.

I might try making theses myself as it sounds relatively easy, you make a dumpling batter and then either spoon it and drop into the soup or pour through a colander.

Although having said that I might as well just come to Kurna Chata and let someone more skilled make it for me πŸ™‚


The main course on this daily special was a pork loin roast with apricot, mashed potatoes, and a fresh salad.

The pork slices were thick yet still juicy and were nice and tender. They were moist enough but the accompanying sauce helped make the dish

I had never had an apricot sauce with pork before, but you know what? It kind of is rather a good idea.

It’s a little bit sweeter than when you have apple sauce with Pork but it does go well with the meat.

The mash potato was perfect for me, creamy and plentiful, if I was to be at all picky I might have liked a bit more gravy.

The ‘fresh salad’ turned out to be a lettuce leaf topped with chopped red cabbage and sweetcorn.

It is nothing that I would ever have thought of making but I kind of liked it.


The soup special on our next visit to Kurna Chata for lunch was pyszna zupa z podgrzybkow which translates as bay bolete mushroom soup essentially Wild mushrooms if you like

This was a much creamier, darker, and thicker soup and was also delicious


Once again fishing all the contents from the bowl out to take a look reveals just how generously packed with vegetables and mushrooms this soup was.

It tasted rich and decadent, yet also felt so homely and simple.

I think that is what good home cooking is like and I love that they somehow manage to reproduce that feeling and quality in the restuarant. Totally Love it! πŸ₯³


The main of this day was the pierogi with meat, cheese or cabbage, and mushroom as option for the fillings.

These were superb, the best I have ever been served, they were all made by hand on that morning and talking to the owner he told us that they had been up since the early hours making over 500 of them!

The casing is a bit thicker than I expected yet was still light, silky and soft, they slipped down far too easily.

I chose the meat filling which was a kind of shredded meat paste also very nice to eat and well flavoured.

On top, as a sort of sauce or dressing, were chopped caramelised onions which added a little juiciness and sweetness to the bite

There was also a bowl of some sort of sauerkraut? It was not as sharp as some, so maybe I was wrong and I did not remember to ask what it was.

I enjoyed it anyway and it went well with the dumplings as it cut through a little bit of the richness of the dish

I was surprised how many pierogi we got on each plate, seven was very generous and five would have been plenty as they really were quite large.

Looking back we should have chosen a different filling each so that we could have swapped but we were not thinking quickly enough when we ordered.

I have to say that I was really so happy with the pierogi and it is one of those meals that I can remember so long after I ate it.

Mainly the feeling of comfort and joy in my belly as I was left so satisfied with my lunchtime lot when I had finished eating.

I cannot recommend the lunchtime specials at Kurna Chata highly enough or find any other words to express how good the quality of the food is.

All I can add is to say that the soups were amazing both times and the pierogi plate that we came especially for were the best dumplings of this type I ever ate.

That is one dish I am looking for again, when we first went in I asked if they did Pierogi ever and they told me which day to come in, so I guess that is another way of getting what you would like πŸ™‚

I keep an eye in what the daily special offers are and it always seems to be different so if you are interested check out their Facebook page (I do daily πŸ™‚ )

Kurna Chata Polish Food is located at 494 Meadow Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG2 3GD adjacent to the Twoj Supermarket

You can also follow them on their Facebook page where they post those daily specials just before they open each day and also on their Instagram Profile

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