Pub lunch at Fellows, Morton & Clayton

I have written a lot of blog posts about eating at the Fellows, Morton & Clayton pub over the years. In that time it has change hands a fair bit and was closed for a while, so each time I do come it has been different.

We were out on a beer bimble this particular Friday so we just took a chance on a pint and a pub lunch to see what was what. Outside there were signs suggesting that we could get a pizza or a burger and a drink for £10 and I figured that was worth a punt. If not that then they would probably be some sort of Fish and Chip Friday option?


After a bit of perusal of the menu at FMC we fancied taking a chance on the Pie which was a Double Beef Philly PieBeef & double Gloucester pie topped with BBQ beef burnt ends, cheese sauce and crispy coated onion, with buttery mash and a rich beef wine gravy’

Sounds pretty intriguing huh? and maybe it was, but it turned out to be a mere pipe dream as they didn’t have any.

So on that basis for one of us it was back to the default Friday pub option of ‘Fish and Chips


There was a Scampi and Chips option but the choice of my erstwhile Food Hunting companion Martin was the “Hand-Battered Cod and Chips” that came with ‘with tartare sauce and your choice of peas or mushy peas‘ for £11.50.

To be fair it looked ok and was declared to be alright for the money. The fish had a decent batter on it and was a fair size. As pub food goes it was a decent effort, maybe a bit more than we really wanted to pay but times are tough I guess.


I went down the Burger route hoping to snag a deal with a pint for £10 but it turns out that the deal is just for a soft drink, tea or coffee 🙁 I had one anyway as I already had a pint in my hands.

I opted for the ‘Nice and Spicy‘ burger which was topped with ‘Streaky bacon, sauteed onion and mushroom, burger cheese slice and BBQ nduja spicy pork’

The menu also said that ‘our burgers are served in a soft glazed bun, with burger sauce, ketchup, chopped onion, gherkin and iceberg lettuce with fries and a sticky BBQ dip’ although I am not sure how much of that applied to each burger, well the weirder ones anyway.


Now as burgers go this one was not really that pretty to look at but I did like the taste of the combo and the mix of the flavours.

I was amused that the promised ‘cheese burger slice’ was exactly that, no melting of the cheese, nope straight out of the packet and plonked on top of the burger (just as stated)

I was pleased to have a nice big thick bit of crispy bacon on top, it was bigger than a streaky slice or maybe the burger was not as big.

I would have liked a bit more onion and mushroom in between those buns, it was all a bit smaller than I was expecting.

There were a lot of chips or fries, and they were ok if you mixed them with the pot of BBQ sauce that came on the plate.

Afterwards we discussed that probably we should have swapped chips and fries as I prefer the plumper ones and Martin likes those thin fries. Too late now we had scoffed the lot.

After we had finished our server / cook came over and said that his favorite burger was The Angry Hash topped with ‘a burger cheese slice, hash brown, Stilton and Franks Red Hot sauce served with Cajun fries‘ It was really nice to see just how enthusiastic he was about it.


Just for the record we drank some excellent beer from the local Blue Monkey brewery, todays supping being of the Infinity an IPA. It is a Golden coloured beer with a hint of fruitiness, the sort of beer that I find gets better after a couple of mouthfuls.

Overall a fairly decent pub lunch with some good local real ales. I would have been interested to have tried that pie they did not have but some days it works out differently.

The Fellows, Morton & Clayton pub is located down on canal street adjacent to the Canalhouse pub.

Officially it islocated at at 54 Canal Street in Nottingham. You can also check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile

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  1. I agree…like FM&C and the beer is always good. Nice piece and I will make sure I eat there next time!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Thanks, yes it’s a classic pub with decent beer selection and I would rather beat here than one of the nearby chain pubs.

      1. Totally agree 👍 always better to support good independents 👌

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