Breakfast at the Quayside Cafe

The Quayside Cafe located on the Colwick Quays Business Park is a rather good cafe hidden away on the industrial estate in Colwick. I had heard excellent reports on social media about the place so figured I needed to come here myself to check them out

We popped over for lunch, which ended up being breakfast, and were really amazed with just how good the food was.

As well as breakfasts, they also serve sandwiches, cobs, salads, pizza and burgers during lunch and also larger meals for Dinner like lasagne, pie, fish and chips and curries.

Today though I was going to being all over the breakfast options, mainly the Cooked Breakfasts 🙂


The Large Breakfast at the Quayside Cafe is “2 x Bacon, 6oz Cumberland Ring Sausage, 2 x Eggs, Hash Browns, Black Pudding, Beans, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms & 2 x Toast” for £7.50

You could have gone up a notch on the belt around your waistline to get the King Quayside (a cool breakfast plate name) which was basically the same only you got an extra slice of bacon and a slightly bigger 8oz Cumberland sausage whirl

At the other end of the scale we were momentarily also swayed by the Slimmer’s Breakfast as another option as that actually sounded like enough food anyway being listed as “2 x Bacon, 2 x Poached Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans, Tomato & 1 x Brown Bread Toast

I would happily scoff that if offered up on a Sunday morning and not even consider it was a slimming option.


The Large Breakfast arrived all neatly organised on the plate with the beans in the bowl placed centrally and the rest of the breakfast party laid out all around like satellites.

It looks huge and it is huge, large was not really the right term to describe the amount of food piled on that plate. It was a big plate as well nothing dainty about these portions!

Oh and there was a plate of toast lurking to one side and that was not small either. 🙂


Beans quickly dispatched from the bowl just made the meal look even larger, one could not imagine just how vast the King Quayside would be!

OK so highlights on the plate were, well actually all of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the thick meaty bacon with its crispy fat. The well flavoured black pudding and the two fried eggs that had been bubbled nicely in the pan still had a runny yolk.

The Tomato was grilled perfectly so that it was soft all the way through, and released plenty of lovely juice, that was a nice bonus. The beans, mushrooms and hash brown all did their jobs on the plate well too, principally of filling up my belly

Now as for the Cumberland sausage whirl, that was also pretty large, I know it says 6oz on the menu so I should have been prepared, but I forgot that being rolled up you get even more sausage action that normal. I would estimate that was the equivalent of at least 3 sausages.

All in all this was a lovely lovely plate of food, and one that kept me going all day. Honestly I didn’t really need to eat again and in the end just had cheese and crackers for tea I was that stuffed.


One of the other ‘lighter’ options that you could choose at the Quayside Cafe is stuff on toast, on this occasion beans on toast. It looks and sounds small but was equally huge. Two large thick cut slices of toast piled high with baked beans and in this case an additional extra topping of mushrooms.

The toast is really good here at the Quayside Cafe and I would be happy enough with just that for a quick snack in the morning to get me started.

I washed it all down with a rather nice pot of tea that gave me at least two decent cups full and almost a third. I did like the teapot, cup and milk jug set as well, wouldn’t mind those for the home.

I really did enjoy my breakfast here at the Quayside and like many others have said it was a real surprise to find them here at the Industrial estate serving up such high quality food.

There was talk of a sunday roast on the menu and based on the experience so far I reckon that would be well worth checking out as well.

The Quayside Cafe is located at Unit 2, Quayside Court, Colwick Quays Business Park, Rd No. 2 Colwick, Nottingham, NG4 2SR

You can check them out on their Website and also on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

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