Breakfast at the Trent Navigation

The Trent Navigation Inn on Meadow Lane is adjacent to and the Tap pub for the Navigation Brewery. It has always been a solid and reliable pub for a pint and a bit of pub grub and we have been here many a time pre and post football and cricket matches.

Over the years I seem to have written several blog posts in 2013, 2017 and 2018 but I noticed that over the years we had never been in for a breakfast. Now maybe that is due to the time that the pub opens or maybe they didn’t have one those times, but I was sure I must have had one or two over the years.

Anyway slightly digressed there, today we were in pre-beer festival and looking for food. It was already decided that we were looking for breakfast for lunch to get the day started and the Trent Navigation Inn was our first port of call looking for one.

We were in luck as they had an All Day Breakfast on the menu, so we ordered two of those (one each 🙂 )

The All Day Breakfast priced up at £9.95 was listed on the menu as being “Sausage, bacon, fried egg, beans, grilled tomato, hash browns, field mushrooms, and toast

Sounds like everything that I was looking for, I could have asked for a cup of tea I suppose as well, but instead I was having a pint 🙂

There is a lot to like about the All Day Breakfast at the Trent Navigation Inn, mostly that I enjoyed everything that I was served on the plate. You get two sausages and two slices of bacon, both of which seemed to be of decent quality.

The big field mushroom was nice and juicy and even the grilled tomato was cooked properly all the way through.

I was pleased to see that they had seasoned the fried egg with salt and pepper, also that the yolk was still runny and the white cooked through.

If I am being picky I would say that I needed a few more beans or rather the juice to help with eating my hash browns and toast. I do not usually like the hash browns but I did not mind the ones that they served me here at the Trent Navigation.

A special mention to the sausages that were plump and meaty, I did like that they were quite solid and that they were a bit herby too. It was nice to get a decent banger on my breakfast plate!

Just for once it was a perfect plate of breakfast (for lunch) but you know what I was not that surprised as I said before the Trent Navigation has always been very reliable food wise!

If you are looking past breakfast and for some more traditional pub lunch options, then based on previous visits I don’t think that you could go too far wrong here at the Trent Nav.

The main menu offers all the classics, such as Fish and Chips, Scampi, Pie and Chips (or mash) and Burgers. If you come on the right day you can get a deal too, with Fridays being ‘Fish Fryday’ when its £7.50 and Thursday being Pie night when the same pricing level is offered. Worth a thought? 🙂

Just for the record when I am in the Trent Navigation my beer of choice is the New Dawn , a session pale at 3.9% which is not too strong booze wise and has a nice light but still interesting flavoring so that you can have a few (if you like)

Location wise, the Trent Navigation is by the Canal on Meadow Lane, not far from Trent Bridge and both Football grounds. Officially the address is 17 Meadow Lane, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3HS

You can check them out on the Trent Navigation Inn website and also on their Facebook page, Instagram Profile, and Twitter Feed

Check out the Navigation Brewery on their Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, and Instagram Profile

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