Jerk n Tings on London Road: Mutton Curry and Jerk Chicken

Jerk ‘N’ Tings have taken up residence with their Food trailer at the hand car wash on London Road not far from Trent Bridge serving up a whole load of Caribbean Food action.

I really like this style of food and was pleased to spot them in the car park a couple of weeks ago. Jerk n Tings is pretty handily located for me as it is only about 10 minutes walk from my flat down by the river so a good lunchtime option. It is also a drive through as it’s on the car wash site where you can park up to collect.


On the menu at Jerk ‘N’ Tings they have Jamaican Style Chicken offering Jerk Wings, Brown Stew Chicken, and Jerk Chicken, the classic Ackee & Saltfish, and a Mutton Curry (Goat) served boneless or on the bone all served with white rice or rice & peas

They also offer burgers ‘n’ wraps but I was sticking to the chicken and the curry in my search for lunch

I have been twice now for lunch and so far have had the Mutton Curry and the Jerk Chicken, both with rice n peas


The boneless Mutton (Goat) curry with Rice and Peas from Jerk ‘n’ Tings was a very decent sized portion. Honestly this could (in theory) have fed 2 people, but you all know that I scoffed the lot myself šŸ™‚

I do love a Goat curry and I really love the flavours of a Caribbean one cooked slowly in a big pot. There is something so comforting about the thick curry gravy, it is gently spiced, not too hot but enough to warm you up on a cold afternoon.

There was plenty of very tender and soft meat in the curry, I had boneless but I could imagine that this would have just fallen off the bone anyway as it was so well cooked.

The boneless version was more expensive at Ā£12 compared to Ā£9 and having seen how tender it was maybe next time I would get it on bone

You also have a very large potion of rice and peas in the bowl alongside the curry, cooked perfectly and the perfect accompaniment


On the next visit to Jerk ‘N’ Tings I had the Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas, which was also a rather large meal, I guess that is a theme here šŸ™‚

I liked the charred skin on the chicken that had picked up all the jerk seasoning and was great as I pulled it off in each bite. The chicken piece I had was still reasonably moist having been cooked on the bone and was mostly dark meat.

The only possible downside could have been that this is a fairly dry meal without any sauce, but that was quickly rectified when they asked if I wanted some of the brown stew chicken sauce on my rice. Great idea ‘Jerk N Tings‘ people that made all the difference to the rice and the way that the dish ate

There are a few tables by the van that you can sit and eat at, or you could do what we did and take your lunch over to the canal side just over the road and eat on one of the benches there. It was a lot nicer eating by the water watching the ducks and the boats pass by than I imagine it would be sitting by the main road.

Jerk n Tings is located at 152-154 London Road, West Bridgford NG2 3BS near to the Embankment Pub and the Trent Navigation, and where the Globe Inn used to be.

They are open Mon- Sun (excluding Saturdays but only on match days)

You can check them out on their Instagram profile Jerkntingscaribbean

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